Genealogy Services

Whatever your genealogy needs, I’m here to help! Please read below to familiarize yourself with the two offerings and prices I have for genealogy services.

Fill out the form linked below and I’ll get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Family Genealogy Research – $35/hr

Interested in finding out more about your great-uncle, the supposed world war one flying ace? Trying to break through that brick wall where you think your Great-Great-Grammy Gertrude’s mother might be hiding? Need someone to double check your foot work due to a grandfather being named John Smith?

Not a problem! I’m willing to help, for a small fee, of course:

Services start at $35/hr.

  • Initial time block of 3, 5, or 10 hours needs to be paid up front.
  • Additional time can be billed, instead of prepaid, in 5 hour increments.

You will receive individualized attention to your question. No two questions are the same and no two searches should be the same!

Once I’ve utilized the agreed upon allotment of time, I will provide you with copies of all relevant documents, a family tree in PDF format (if applicable) with corresponding GEDCOM file (if applicable), and a report covering what research was done, what parts of the question remain, and recommendations on what the next step should be in the research.

One Hour Blast – $50/hr

Have a specific question or document that you just want to see if I can find in a quick search? There’s an option for that, as well. One Hour Blast is perfect for when you want to see if there’s anything obvious that you’ve missed.

One Hour Blast can also be a great way to test the waters and see how easily it will be to find information on a given topic.

In response to the One Hour Blast you’ll receive a brief re-cap of what was found, copies of any documents, and ideas on what the next step of research could look like.

Because a One Hour Blast is an intense amount of research in a short amount of time, the price is different than my normal rate.