Welcome to Bramble and Brush Genealogical Service’s webpage!

Whether you’ve found this site while wandering the internet for information about Maine families, or because you’re specifically looking for help in researching your family tree, I’m glad you made it and hope I can be of service!

Many people come to genealogy with only knowing information from the past three generations – up until their great-grandparents. Past that, stories are what they remember. Stories of “Native princesses,” war heroes, family adventurers, and “old American stock.”

But is there truth behind these stories? Are there other, more glamorous family members? There’s a wonderful saying by Laurence Overmire:

History remembers only the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all. 

Here at Bramble and Brush, I’ll help you weed through the facts to find which stories have substance, but also the stories that may be overlooked.

The grandmothers who kept 10 kids clean and fed deserve their stories to be told just as much as the aunt who was Maine Wild Blueberry Queen three years running.

Brothers who help found 1700s town that grew into a bustling city are just as important as the brothers who ran the first motor garage down the road.

Children who worked in the woolen mills should be seen just as dear as the children who grew to take over their parents farms.

Let me help you discover your family’s history and stories as they really are.

Your Ancestors deserve to have their stories told, and you deserve to know them, as each Ancestor’s story is a prelude to your own.

With Bramble and Brush you won’t only get names, dates, and places, but you’ll also get the historical context behind you ancestors choices and the hardships that they may have faced.