Transcribing a Gold Mine

When I first started looking into the Judkins side of my family, I realized that a lot of the family members were from Weld, so, naturally, I stared looking for the vital record for Weld, Maine, online. They were there, but they weren’t tagged, transcribed, or quickly searchable by any means. I decided if I was going to have to look through reams of images, I might as well transcribe them. I started making headway with the process, but somewhere along the way, I lost my link for the digital images I was working from.


Well, I didn’t have the best form going into the Weld records, so let’s start again with a different town that I knew I’d have to dive into the vital records of someday. I decided to work on the records for Carthage, Maine, a little town right next door to Weld.

I am forever grateful that I did!

So far I have found intentions of marriage for:

My 4th great-grandparents, Reuben Hutchinson and Isabella Pratt;

Another pair of 4th great-grandparents, Willard Judkins and Melissa Mitchell;

And yet another set of 4th great-grandparents, Ira White and Anna Noyes.

I’m no where close to done and can’t wait to see what other gems I might be able to snag!