Halde Cemetery Page – Part I: The Gravestone Record

When someone online asked about Halde Cemetery in Waterville, Kennebec, Maine, my interest was piqued. I had never heard of said cemetery and couldn’t readily find much about it. I started digging and found a defunct website regarding the cemetery. The last updates to the site seem to be dated in 1997. The site can currently only be accessed using archive.org’s WayBackMachine — this means that it is only a matter of time before it is inaccessible. I have been working to retrieve as much information as possible from the site.

The below information I took directly from the image capture from the site’s gravestone record page. All information within this page is the direct work of Robert Chenard and those who have worked tirelessly to preserve the Halde Cemetery. TMR, 23 Nov 2021

When someone online asked about Halde Cemetery in Waterville, Kennebec, Maine, my interest was piqued. I had never heard of said cemetery and couldn’t readily find much about it. I started digging and found a defunct website regarding the cemetery. The last updates to the site seem to be dated in 1997. The site can currently only be accessed using archive.org’s WayBackMachine — this means that it is only a matter of time before it is inaccessible. I have been working to retrieve as much information as possible from the site.

As things get copied and worked into a usable format, I will gladly share the links to the pages here. I do this so that information that others have spent countless hours collecting is not lost.

Halde Cemetery Page – Introduction

Halde Cemetery Page – Part I: The Gravestone Record

Halde Cemetery Page – Part II: The Genealogical Record

Halde Cemetery Page – Part III: Church and Burial Records

Halde Cemetery Page – Part IV: Index & Map

Father Doyon Memorial Cemetery
Waterville, Kennebec county, Maine



* = 24 September 1995 changes/additions. * = 24 October 1997 changes/additions

1-ALLEN Helena d. 1893, b. 1829

2-BASHIER Charlie d. 15 Jul 1891 age 25y
 Alfred d. 8 Apr 1887 age 17y-8m

3-BAUGUE John d. 25 Dec 1885 age 1y-7d s/o John & Maud _____

4-BEGIN Alfred d. 23 Dec 1889 age ?
 Alphonse d. 5 Jun 1885 age ?
 Leaser d. 2_ Jun 1881! age ? (d. 28 Jan 1884 per Ref. A)
 Onezime d. 8 Mar 1907 age 59 husband of Adéline Morin

5-BEGIN Edmund see #81

6-BEGIN Lucy d. 31 Dec 1874 age 30y-28d wife of Eusebe Begin
 Marietta d. 8 Apr 1874 age 5y-4m d/o Eusebe & Lucy ____
 Dometile S.  d. 10 Aug 1874 age 3y-2m d/o Eusebe & Lucy ____
 Virginie d. 3 Nov 1873 age 17d d/o Eusebe & Lucy ____
 Inscription on Lucy’s gravestone: “Gone, but not forgotten”
 Inscription on Domitile’s gravestone: “Those which ______ ______
 ______ no more, For death’s cold blast in passing over, Has snatched thee from affection’s breast.”
 Inscription on Marietta’s gravestone:  “All is dark within our dwelling, Lonely is our heart today, For the one whose smile did cheer us, Has forever passed away.”
 Inscription on Virginie’s gravestone:  “______ angel _____ singing  with voices _________, Fl___ging its crown of gold, Down at the  Savior’s feet.”

7-BOLDUC David d. 10 Apr 1896 age 58y

8-BOLDUC Remi d. 26 Apr 1884 age 73y-6m

9-BOULETTE Augustin d. 1888, b. 1797
 Nef d. 1894, b. 1803 “son épouse”  (his wife)

10-BRETON Philomene d. 6 Feb 1890 age 38y (born 1851)

11-BROOKS Mamie d. 6 Jan 1884 age 2y d/o John & Maude Brooks

12-BROOKS Mary-L. d. 21 Apr 1887 age 13m d/o Antoine & Denege
   Brooks        (Desneiges)

13-BROOKS Willie-A. d. 13 Feb 1888 age 2d s/o John & Maude Brooks

14-BURGESS Mark d. 1886, b. 1825
 Marie d. 1913, b. 1840 wife of Mark
 Anne-M. d. 1881 age 3y

15-BUSHEY John d. 14 Feb 1875 age __

15a-BUSHEY Mary-G. d. 1 Dec 1887 age 50 y wife of George-H. Bushey
 Other inscriptions: “RIP”
 “Mother”  “In loving remembrance of”
 (This granite monument is shaped in the form of a cross)
 (a small marker, a few feet behind the cross has her initials, MGB )

16-BUTLER   (obelisk type monument)
 one side: Peter d. 1853, b. 1852
 Johnny d. 1857, b. 1856
 Adel d. 1882, b. 1882
 Joseph d. 1884, b. 1883
 Herbert-L. d. 1888, b. 1887
 other side: Mary d. 1856, b. 1855
 Emma d. 1868, b. 1858
 Anora d. 1873, b. 1860 Ref. A: d. 1875
 Mary-A. d. 1866, b. 1866
 Mary-E. d. 1877, b. 1872

17-BUTLER Peter d. ____, b. 1881
 Lena d. 1938, b. 1877 wife of Peter
 Grace d. 1907, b. 1906 (footstone “GRACIE” )
 Edward d. 1921, b. 1916 (footstone “EDDIE” )

17a-BUTLER Julia-A. d. 1880, b. 1833 wife of (Peter) Butler
 Peter d. 1892, b. 1831 (b. 26 Dec 1831-d. 20 May 1892)

17b-CA_ _ _ _ Charles d. 16 Aug 1876, age 48 (found Jul 1994)
         (or CH) Lucy d. 15 Jan 1877, age 34 “his wife”
 Filo d. 2 Jun 1877, age 6 y “their daughter”
  Inscription: ” Father, Mother, Sister dear, at rest And this shall be my prayer. That when I reach my
  journeys end, Thy glory I may share.”

17c-CAREY  (no information) (found Jul 1994)

18-CHAMPAGNE (stone found on ground face down; no other inscriptions)

19-CHAMPINE Godfrey d. 31 Mar 1888 age 68y (Ref. A: 31 Mar 1886)
 Julia d. 31 Jul 1890 age 68y-9d wife of Godfrey

20-CHAVANEL Natalie d. 5 May 1912 age 85y “wife of J.-B. Chavanel”

21-CLAIR Minnie d. 14 Jul 1897 age 38y “wife of Noah Clair RIP”

22-CLAIR Octave d. 9 Nov 1914 age 53y
 Mary d. 10 Apr 1893  wife of Octave
  age 29y-10m-10d (Mary Roseberry)

23-CLAIR Tom d. 11 May 1905, b. 7 Mar 1850
 Dora d. 11 May 1905

24-CONROY Willie-J. d. 23 Jun 1875  s/o Joseph-C. & Ellen-E.
   age 16y-11m-14d (footstone “WJC” nearby)
 Nellie d. 1 Aug 1885 age 1y-6m d/o Joseph C. & Ellen-E.
 Inscription on Nellie’s gravestone: “God is Love”  “At the setting of the  sun at the close of the day,
 Poor little Nellie was taken away.”

25-CORMIER Thomas-F. d. 1 Jul 1886 age 4m-18d s/o Frank & June ____

25a-CORMIER Vital-L. d. 28 Aug 1890 age 11m
 Eddie-G. d. 15 Jul 1891 age 5 weeks
  Other inscriptions: ” Children of Frank-S. and Jane-M. Cormier”   “RIP”

26-CORRIGAN James-B. d. 6 Oct 1876 age 6y-10m s/o Hugh & Mary-J. ___

27-COGAN Stella-M. d. 14 Jul 1887 age 1y-16d d/o Charles-M. & Lucy _
  Inscription: “A bud plucked by God to bloom in heaven”

28-DEGNAN Ann d. 24 Jul 1880 age 45y
 Annie d. 24 Dec 1882 age 19y-4m d/o Patrick & Ann _____
 Nellie d. 1938, b. 1862 d/o Patrick & Ann _____
 John-V. d. 1937, b. 1860 s/o Patrick & Ann _____

29-DEGNAN Margaret d. 1895, b. 1860
 Julia-M. d. 1902, b. 1870

30-DONNELLY Patrick d. 10 Oct 1871 age 48y

31-DONNELLY Timothy d.  8 Dec 1862 age 27y  (stone broken in 4 pieces)

32-DOW Susie Jennis d. 23 Nov 1884 age 29y wife of Frank Dow

32a-DROUIN Marie d. 12 Jul 1894 age 56
  Inscription: “Ici repose le corps de Marie Drouin,
  décédé le 12 juillet 1894 a l’age de __ ans, épouse
  de ______ _______ “
 NOTE: this stone was found shattered (by a bullet) in over 80 pieces  and was, like a puzzle, reconstructed
 enough to be correctly identified

32b-DUBAR Henry-A. d. 2 Mar 1885 age 9m-10d s/o Samuel & Lavina ___

33-DUGUAY Louise-M. d. 1939, b. 1895

33a-DULAC Pierre (d. 2 Nov 1932, age 72)
 Marie (d. 28 Dec 1895, age 36) wife

34-DULACK Remie d. 25 May 1891, b. 15 Aug 1805

34a-DULAC Marcelean d. 16 Dec 1879 age 53 wife of John Dulac

35-DUSTIN Mitchell d. 15 Jul 1893 age 75y
  Inscription: “Thy form alone is all, thank God, That to the grave is given, For we know thy soul the better part,
  Is safe, yes, safe in heaven.”

35a-DUSTIN Mitchell-Bernard d. 1 Apr 1897 age 5y-8m

35b-DUTIL Albert-J. d. ____, b. 1876
 Léonie (Lebel) d. 1925, b. 1878 his wife
 George A. d. ____, b. 1898 their son

36-DYER Louis d.  (not given on gravestone)
  Co.F, 7th Me. Inf. (Civil War veteran)

37-FERLAND Henry-J. d. 2 Jan 1945, b. 5 Dec 1890 (actually b. 4 Dec 1889)
  Mess Sgt., 2nd Inf, Me. NG  (WWI veteran)

37a-FERLAND Joseph d. 17 Feb 1883, age 39 y 7 m
 Inscription reads:  “Farewell my wife and children all,
     From you a father Christ doth call.
     Mourne not for me, it is in vain,
     To call me to your sight again.”

38-FORTIER Levi d. (not given on gravestone)
  Co. H, 12th Me. Inf. (Civil War)

39-FOSTER Arthur d. 1882, b. 1882 s/o Robert & Abbie ____
 Alice d. 1887, b. 1884 d/o Robert & Abbie ____
 Charles d. 1896, b. 1894 s/o Robert & Abbie ____
 Queenie-M. d. 1897, b. 1879 d/o Robert & Abbie ____

40-FOSTER Sadie d. 20 Jan 1873 age 2d d/o M. & L. Foster

40a-FOSTER W. A. d. ____, age 24

40b-FOSTER Joseph d. 18 May 1876 age 73 y

40c-GAUDREAU Philomène d. 17 Feb 1892 age 44 y wife of Richard Huard
  Inscription: “Ici repose le corps de Philomène Gaudreau, épouse de richard huard, déceede le 17 février 1892
  Agé de 44 ans”

41-GEROUX Sophia d. 13 Dec 1885  wife of Francis Geroux
  age 70y-5m-9d  (born 4 July 1815)

42-GILBERT Celina d. 26 May 1893  d/o Joseph & Adeline ___
  age 16y-4m-15d
  Inscription:”Enfant Bien Aimée de”  (A child well loved of)
43-GILBERT Charles d. 18 Apr 1894  age 70y “Father”

44-GILBERT Lester d. 8 Dec 1959, b. 20 Mar 1874
 Josie d. 1918, b. 1885 wife of Lester

45-GILBERT Sophia d. 1919, b. 1835 (this should be with #43 )

45a-GILBERT Joseph d. 23 Feb 1890

46-GIROUX Amanda d. 7 Mar 1891 age 17 y d/o Johnny Giroux
  Inscription: “A la mémoire de Amanda Giroux, Enfant bien aimée”
 Marie d. 13 Apr 1893 age 24 y d/o Johnny
  Inscription: “A la mémoire de Marie Giroux, Enfant bien aimée”
 Orelie (Veilleux) d. 5 May 1900 wife of Jean Giroux
  Jean d. 25 Dec 1909 age 70y husband of Orelie

47-GOODMAN George d. 1895, b. 1847

47a-GORDON Mary R. d. 15 Nov 1924 age 43 wife of Thomas Gordon

47b-GRODER Joseph d. 29 Jul 1896 age 3_   “RIP” (actually GRONDIN)

47c-GRONDIN Adeline d. 16 Dec 1885 age 57 wife of Damase Mercier
     (NOTE: This entry was taken from Ref. A.’s list.  This gravemarker was not found in recent surveys.)

47d-GRONDIN Marie d. 1918 wife of Narcisse Grondin
 (This little monument is topped off with a cross & was found buried & broken)

48-GURNEY Emma d.  (wooden cross – no dates)

49-HALACY William d. 15 Aug 1887 age 1m-10d s/o John-A. & Ann ____

50-KEEN Frank d. 1928, b. 1854
 Rebecca d. 1911, b. 1865 wife of Frank

51-KELLEHAR Katie d. 8 Apr 1873, age 3m. d/o Michael & Margaret _

52-KING Elizabeth-L.  d. 15 Apr 1901, b. 29 Feb 1860  wife of David King

52a-LACKUM George d. 4 Mar/May 1886  “RIP”

52b-LACOMBE Ledgie d. 6 Jul 1903, age 88y

52c-LACKUM Charles-W. d. 8 Jul 1901, age 2 y
  Inscription: “Sleep on little one and gently rest, God called thee home, He thought it best.”

53-LA MORRE May-B. d. 1892, b. 1892 Inscription: “Our Baby”

54-LACHANCE Marcelline d. 15 May 1887 age 72y wife of Louis Lachance

55-LANDRY Annie-M. d. 17 May 1881 age 3y d/o George & Norah ____

56-LATULIPPE J.C.Napoleon d. 16 Dec 1877, b. 16 Jun 1874

56a-LEBREUX Adeline d. 13 Apr 1899 age 53y-5m-5d  wife of Joseph Gilbert
  Inscription: “Ice repose le corps de Adeline Lebreux, epouse de Joseph Gilbert, décédée le 13 avril 1899, a
  l’age de 53 ans 5 mois et 5 jours. Mère bien aimée de ses enfants.”
(NOTE: above taken from Ref. A, which also added that this grave marker was found off to the side at the base of the hill (in Quadrant C north of the cem. grounds), where it had apparently been carried or dragged., base and all.)
This marker has now been relocated to where we believe it originally was: on the lot with her daughter (see #42).

57-LEISAW Eli d. 14 Dec 1888 age 63y   “RIP”

57a-LESSARD, Philibert d. 25 May 1894 age 27y
  Inscription: “Ici repose le corps de Philibert Lessard décédé le 25 Mai 1894 a l’age de 27 ans”
  (This gravestone was found under 6 inches of soil)

58-LEWIS James d. 16 Jan 1892 age 82y-9m-17d  (d. 17 Jan /Lawry Bros.)

58a-LONG Mitchel d. 25 Mar 1904 age 56

58b-LISHON Rose d. 9 Dec 1893 age 72 wife of Alexander Lishon

58c-LOUBIER  (This is a concrete base with “LOUBIER” engraved)

58d-MAHEU Georgiana d. 9 Apr 1893 age 23y 6m 1d wife of Vital Roy
  Inscription: “épousse de Vital Roy”

58e-ROY Joseph d. 11 Aug 1893 age  7m-6d
  Inscription: “fils de Vital Roy, décédé le 11 sept. 1893 a l’age de 7 mois et 6 jours”

59-MARCIA Lewis-S. d. 01 Jan 1905 age 87y
 Esther d. 17 Apr 1877 age 53y-3m wife of Lewis Marcia

59a-MARSHALL Richard d. 1 Mar 1875 age 6?y  (probably 64y)
  Inscription: “Afflictions sore for years, I bore, Physicians were in vain; At length God pleased to give me ease,
 And freed me from my pain.”

59b-MARSHALL Rosalina d. 21 Jun 1879 age 9 m dau. of Peter & Lucretia
  Inscription: “A bud plucked by God to bloom in heaven.”

59c-MARSHALL Mary-A. d. 24 Nov 1875 age 1m dau. of Peter & Lucretia
  Inscription: “A bright flower No sooner blown but blasted.”

59d-MASSERY Thelma-May  d. 1 Sep 1918 (!) d/o Nellie E.

60-MATTHIEU George-A. d. 31 Jul 1890, b. 5 Aug 1863
  (Ref. A gives year of birth as 1883 which is incorrect)
  Inscriptions: at top: “Died in Jesus” at bottom: “?

61-McQUADE Mary-Ellen d. 14 Aug 1890 age 14y-7m-7d  d/o Frank & Nora ____

61a MONTAMBEAULT Rosanna d. 29 Jun 1887 age 23y w/o Adolphe GAGNE
  Inscription: “Ici repose le corps de Rosanna Montambeault
  Épouse de Adolphe Gagné, décédée le 29 juin 1887 a l’age de 23 ans     RIP” footstone “RM”

61b GAGNE Gregoire d. 17 Dec 1886  age 6_ (sixty-_____ years !)
  Inscription: “Ici repose Gregoire Gagne décédée le 17 Dec 1886 a l’age de 6 __ ” footstone “GG”
NOTE: 61a & b were found on 19 Jul 1995

62-MORRISSETTE George d. 1885, b. 1843
   Mary-L. d. 1908, b. 1847

63-MURRAY Eddie d. ______ (white wooden cross – no info.)

64-NADEAU Philomene d. 27 Apr 1891 age 28y wife of Aime Nadeau
  Inscription: “Ici repose le corps de Philomen, épouse de Aimé Nadeau, morts Avril 27, 1891 a l’age de
 28 ans 8 mo   RIP”

64a-NORMAND Joseph d. 24 Dec 1892 age 37 y husband of Flora
  Inscription: “Epoux cheri de Flora Ponsant”

65-OBLENIS Ella-M. d. 16 Jun 1918, age 6 wks. d/o A.F. & G.C. Oblenis

66-O’NEILL Owen d. 13 May 1889 age 50y

66a-OUELLETTE  Thadé(e) d. 27 Sep 1894 son of Fabien & Mary age 21y-1m-17d

67-PIPER Pauline (Pooler) d. 10 Apr 1887 age 25y wife of Edward Piper

68-POOLER John-F. d. 1878, b. 1836

68a-POOLER Evelina d. 24 Aug 1888 age 22 wife of Charles-H. Butler
 Inscription reads: “Resting in peace with child in her arms”
 Bottom reads: “Erected by John Pooler” (John is her father)

68b-POULIN  (No inscriptions other than the family name on this  concrete gravestone; name is badly deteriorated)

68c-PROULX François-X. d. 1915, b. 1847 (no grave markers)
  (according to Lawrence Prue of Fairfield, his father here)

69-RANCO Joseph-E. d. 22 Jun 1890 age 90y-12d
 Mary-A. d. 02 Jun 1890 age 87y wife of Joseph-E.

  Other inscriptions read: “FATHER & MOTHER”
  “We miss our dear Father and Mother”  “RIP”

69a-RANCO Mary-E. d. 25 Nov 1895  age 57 wife of Joseph Vachon
  (located on Joseph-E. Ranco lot, #69 above)
  (day, month,  age and husband’s surname were taken from Ref. A.)

70-RANCOUR Henry d. 24 Jul 1890 age 10m

71-RANCOURS Anna (Dostie) d. 2 May 1889 age 20y wife of Elzeard Rancours

72-RANCOURT Peter d. 1922, b. 1840
 Phebe d. 1919, b. 1844 wife of Peter Rancourt
 Inscription: “Gone but not forgotten”
 (This family is located on the lot of Joseph-E. and Mary-A. – #69)

73-RANCOURT Sylvain d. 1901, b. 1839 husband of Emely
 Emely d. 1901, b. 1841 his wife
 Boulet Augustin  d. 1888, b. 1797
 Nef d. 1894, b. 1803 his wife
 (These inscriptions are all on one face of the obelisk)

74-RASBERRY Freda-May d. 16 Sep 1892 age 2y-8m d/o Nellie Rasberry
 Angeline d. (not given) (see also #88)

75-RAZOR Lucy d. 7 Nov 1880 age 5y-2m d/o Henry & Maria ___
 Hattie d. 4 Jul 1878 age 7y-6m d/o Henry & Maria ___
 Charlie d. 28 Jun 1878 age 5y-2m s/o Henry & Maria ___
 Joseph d. 16 Dec 1882 age 5y s/o Henry & Maria ___

76-RENCOURT Silvin (d. 19 Dec 1887 , age 72y)
 Augustin no dates (see #73)
 Emili(e)  (Emily Boulet)(#73)
 (NOTE: “Marts”  in French means “died”)

77-RICHARD Marie (Babin) d. 18 Sep 1907 age 34y wife of Fidèle Richard
 (Headstone reads: “Marie Babin” )

78-RICHARDS Celina d. 7 Feb 1878 age 15m-24d d/o John & Angeline __
 Tiley d. 9 Feb 1878 age 4y-6m d/o John & Angeline __

79-RICHARDS Joseph d. (no dates)
  Inscription : “Co.B, 21 Me. Inf.”

80-ROBICHAUD Jules d. 1942, b. 1863
 Josephine d. 1919, b. 1865 wife of Jules Robichaud
 Evelina-E. d. 24 Sep 1892 age 2y-10m d/o Jules & Josephine _
 Louisa-F. d. 20 May 1892 age 4y-2m d/o Jules & Josephine _

80a-ROBICHAUD Anita d. 28 Jan 1931, b. 13 Dec 1915 d/o Elie (& Anne Cyr)
  age 13 months  (Located on the Robichaud lot #80 above)
  (Inscriptions were made by hand on this concrete cross)

81-RODERIGUE Marie (Begin) d. 03 Jun 1897 age 18 wife of Napoleon Rodrigue
  Edmund d. 25 Aug 1897 age 3m their son
  “Ici repose Marie Begin Épouse de Napoleon Rodrigue décédée le 3 Jun 1897 agée de 18 ans – their son
  Edmund décédée Aug 25, 1897 agée de 3 mois”

82-ROGERS William d. (no dates)
  Inscription: “Co.I, 11th Me Inf.”  (Civil War)

83-RONCO James d. 29 Jun 1894 age 7y-4m

84-ROY M.-Malvina d. 11 Jun 1898 age 46y-9m-9d  wife of Joseph Roy
 Napoleon d. 15 May 1877 age 2y-3m s/o Joseph & Malvina __
  Inscription: “As a wife devoted, As a mother affectionate, As a friend ever kind and true”

84a-ROY Alexander d. 10 Mar 1897 age 58y-10m

84b-ROY Nellie d. 27 Feb 1908 age 29y-5m

85-RYAN Philip-B. d. 24 Apr 1894 age 68y

86-ST.PETER Florence d. 1908, b. 1852 wife of Joseph St.Peter

86a-STEEVES Myreta 12 Aug 1911, 13 Dec 1911, 24 Apr 1911
  (top section of stone is broken and missing)

87-SWEENEY Charlie d. ____ age 15m s/o Hugh & Joannah ___

88-TETRAULT Nellie d. 12 May 1910 age 41y wife of Paul Tetrault
  (see also #74: Nellie Raspberry)
  Other inscriptions “From Mother”

89-THIBODEAU David d. 13 Oct 1918 (b. Apr 1896 Fairfield)
  Corpl. Me. 7th Eng., 5th Div.  (WW1 veteran)

89a-THIBODEAU  James d. 6 Oct 1923  (d. in Fairfield)
  (Rémi) b.  15 Jun 1856  (b. in Grand River, NB)
  (and small wooden cross)
 NOTE: In July 1993, Mr. David C. Donahue and his family had a new  stone marker emplaced for their grandfather, James Thibodeau

89b-THORNELL Peter d. 15 Jan 1884, age 60y
  (this gravestone uncovered in July 1994)

90-TOBEY Esther d. 1911, b. 1888 wife of E.N. Tobey
  (Esther is buried with her infant dau. who died at birth)

90a-TOULOUSE  Prescott d. 21 Jul 1894, age 27y-3m-22d
  Prescott d. 29 Jul 1894, age 3m-16d
  Inscription: “In Memory Of”

91-TRAPAGNIE Philiman d. 1918, b. 1843

92-TULLY Bridget d. 31 Jul 1896 age 82y wife of Peter Tully

92a-TURMELL Henry d. 26 Sep 1889 age 14m
 Olive d. 9 Jul 1886 age 5 m
  (This small gravestone was found partially buried)
  (Nearby is a small footstone with initials “HT” & “OT”)

93-TURPIN William d. 8 Jul 1880 age 38y-11m (stone is broken)
  Inscription: “Gone but not forgotten”

94-VEILLEUX Frederic d. 11 Aug 1898 age 56y-8m-2d
 Henri d. 3 Feb 1914, b. 1 Jan 1883

94a-VEILLEUX Omer d. 7 Jul 1895 age 3y
  (This gravestone not found during recent surveys)
  (Information taken from Ref. A.)

94b-VEILLEUX  Celina d. 1 Jun 1901 age 54y wife of Gore Veilleux
  Inscription: “A la memoire de Celina, Epouse de
  Gore Veilleux, décédee Le 1 Juin 1901 a l’age de 54 ans.”

95-VIGUE Elmer d. 9 Sep 1896 age 7m

95a-WILLETT Thomas d. 31 Mar 1885 age 31y-5m-10d
  (Information taken from Ref. A.)
  (This gravemarker was not found in recent surveys)

96-WILLETTE Claudia ? d. 12 Nov 1884, b. 21 Jan 1883   (gravestone with lamb)
        Inscription reads: “né le 21 Jan ! 1883,
        décédée a Waterville, Me. le 12 Nov 1884″
  (This marker is located adjacent to Mamie Brooks – #11)

97-Tremblay-Foster-Pooler (no other information)

98-unknown John

99-unknown Marie-Anne
 (The above two stones are co-located and are probably children, likely
 a brother and sister)(Children of Pierre-Aug. Poulin & Emma Mercier??)
 (No other inscriptions on these gravemarkers)

NOTE: Various small “foot stones” are located throughout the cemetery. Examples of
this are “RD”  “MD”  “MGB”  etc. These are the initials of various persons buried in
those locations and are often co-located with the larger tombstones.

There are some 226 identified persons in the Halde Cemetery according to the gravestones found during these inventories. This number does not include the persons who are buried in the lots such as #18 (Champagne), #58c (Loubier), #68b (Pooler), and #97 (Tremblay-Foster-Pooler) and others. There are also numerous depressions in the ground which have no gravestones, but are clearly grave sites (by their dimension and general orientation with the other marked graves). There are also a number of iron crosses and other large wooden markers (names are now illegible) which indicate persons are buried at those locations. However, it is also common knowledge that some families (e.g. the St-Amand family – supposedly were in the area now outlined as a rectangular pit in quadrant A) had their deceased relatives re-interred at the St.Francis cemetery after it was evident no organization was taking proper care of this cemetery a few years after the new cemetery on Grove St. was opened (Sep. 1898). From the St. Francis de Sales Death Register (beginning in 1891), and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Fairfield) death records, it is further clear that more than 650 persons and perhaps even more than 1,000 were buried at this cemetery during the 5-plus decades of its use. A number of gravestones were later taken by family members and placed on their new lots at the St.Francis Cemetery or at the Catholic Cemetery in Fairfield. Also, many gravesites (particularly those of infants and young children) most likely had only wooden-type markers which have long ago deteriorated. Some gravestones are probably still buried and are yet to be found.