Halde Cemetery Page – Part II: The Genealogical Record

the cemetery. The last updates to the site seem to be dated in 1997. The site can currently only be accessed using archive.org’s WayBackMachine — this means that it is only a matter of time before it is inaccessible. I have been working to retrieve as much information as possible from the site.
he cemetery. The last updates to the site seem to be dated in 1997. The site can currently only be accessed using archive.org’s WayBackMachine — this means that it is only a matter of time before it is inaccessible. I have been working to retrieve as much information as possible from the site.

The below information I took directly from the image capture from the site’s genealogical information page. All information within this page is the direct work of Robert Chenard and those who have worked tirelessly to preserve the Halde Cemetery. TMR, 23 Nov 2021

When someone online asked about Halde Cemetery in Waterville, Kennebec, Maine, my interest was piqued. I had never heard of said cemetery and couldn’t readily find much about it. I started digging and found a defunct website regarding the cemetery. The last updates to the site seem to be dated in 1997. The site can currently only be accessed using archive.org’s WayBackMachine — this means that it is only a matter of time before it is inaccessible. I have been working to retrieve as much information as possible from the site.

As things get copied and worked into a usable format, I will gladly share the links to the pages here. I do this so that information that others have spent countless hours collecting is not lost.

Halde Cemetery Page – Introduction

Halde Cemetery Page – Part I: The Gravestone Record

Halde Cemetery Page – Part II: The Genealogical Record

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Father Doyon Memorial Cemetery
Waterville, Kennebec county, Maine



2 Charles Bégin, born 1866 in Fairfield, son of Jean-Onésime Bégin & Adéline  Morin, married on 7 Jul 1889 in Waterville to Marie Bourque. His parents were  married on 5 Feb 1866 in Lambton, PQ. Charles died in Shawmut
at age 24y 7m  per Lawry Bros. Funeral records. He left one son, Jos.-Onésime, born 30 Mar  1891 in Shawmut.

3 This is Jean-Baptiste Rousseau (John Baugue) who was born and baptized in  Waterville on 18 Dec 1884, son of Jean-B. Rousseau and Modeste “Maud”  Ouellette. (see also #11 & #13 – Brooks)

4 Onésime Bégin was married to Adéline Morin. See #2 above. His brother, Frédéric  (“Alfred”), born 1869-70 in Fairfield, never married. Ref. A: He was the son of  Antoine Bégin and Marie Poulin who married on 31 Jul 1838 in Beauceville, PQ.  Onésime died in Shawmut.

6 Eusèbe Bégin married Lucie Mathieu 20 Jun 1863 in Waterville. He remarried on  19 Aug 1875 in Waterville to Mary Lynch. NOTE: He purchased the first lot in this  cemetery. Sophie-Domitilde Bégin was born on 31 Jan 1871 in Waterville and her  sister, Virginie, was born 14 Sep 1873 also in Waterville – Ref.: St.Francis-de- Sales baptismal records. Eusèbe was also known as Zebulon Bashier, some records  referring to him as a doctor, but was actually a travelling salesman and regarded as  a “medicine man” by the locals – (evidently sold what was sarcastically called  “snake oil” in those days). He was the son of Pierre Bégin and _____ Paradis of  Canada.

7 David Bolduc, born 12 May 1837 in Beauceville, PQ, son of Rémi Bolduc & Henriette Rancourt, married on 13 May 1860 in Waterville to Lucie Giroux, dau.  of Frs.-Jean Giroux &  Adélaïde Bolduc.

8 Rémi Bolduc married Henriette Rancourt on 4 Oct 1830 at Beauceville,  (St.François) PQ. He was born there on 20 Nov 1810.

9 Augustin Boulet married Nymphe Rancourt on 15 Aug 1820 at St.François  (Beauceville), PQ. He was the son of Pierre Boulet & M.-Josette Huard of  St.Joseph, PQ. Nymphe Rancourt was born 18 Jun 1802 at Beauceville, PQ,  daughter of Jean-Bte. Rancourt & M.-Madeleine Busque. (See also #73)

 Ref. A wrote in 1978: “Augustine and Nice Boulet of this town, aged 97 and 91  respectively, have been married 71 years. Their oldest son, who is 70 years old,  now lives in Canada. The old couple live on the Plains in a house with their  daughter, grandaughter, and her children, – four generations – and are smart and  vigorous, the old gentleman especially so, being ready to ‘wrestle’ with our  reporter; but the reporter, on looking him over, considered discretion the better  part of valor. Mr. Boulet, during the larger part of his life, has been a hunter and  trapper and is conversant with the Indian language. He has been a temperate man,  and has never used tobacco in any form.” The Waterville Mail, August 19, 1887.

11 Mamie was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste  Rousseau (John  Brooks) and
 Modeste “Maude” Ouellette who were married on 16 Aug 1881 in Lewiston. Jean- Baptiste was the son of Augustin Rousseau and Angélique Lizotte of Van Buren, Me.  This family lived in Fairfield in 1900. (See also #3 & #13)

 Ref. A: There is also a John Brooks of Fairfield who had a 7 month old son
 named Remin (Rémi) that died of cholera on 8 Aug 1893 per Lawry Bros.
 Funeral Records and is buried in the Catholic cemetery (assumed: Halde cem.)

12 Mary-Lena Brooks was the daughter of Antoine Rousseau (Brooks) and M.- Desneiges Gagnon who married on 2 Aug 1880 in Van Buren, Me. Two of their  children, Augustin-W. & M.-Anne were married in Old Town. Mary-Lena was born  in Fairfield on 26 Mar 1886 and died in Fairfield.

13 William Brooks (Guillaume Rousseau per baptismal records) was born on 11 Feb  1888 in Fairfield and was the son of Jean-B. Rousseau and Modeste Ouellette (see  also #3 and #11)

14 Marc Bolduc (Anglicized Burgess) married on 19 Jan 1847 at St.Joseph, PQ to  M.-Hélène _____ . Marc was born 12 Jul 1824 at Beauceville, PQ, son of Marc  Bolduc & Louise Jacques. The Mary here is possibly a second wife; either that or  her year of birth was incorretly recorded. The 1880 Fairfield census gives her age  as 45, i.e., born 1834-5, unless the census record is in error. Ref. A.: Mark  (Marc) died in Fairfield on 3 Apr 1886, and per Lawry Bros. Funeral records: “He  has been sick in the house for 10 months and suffered greatly.”

15 Original French surname is “Boucher.”

15a This is Mary-Allarie Boucher, the first wife of George-H. Bushey (Boucher). They  were married (in Augusta ?) about 1857, probably by a Justice of the Peace, and  had their marriage blessed on 1 May 1864 at St.Mary’s in Augusta. Mary was the  daughter of Léon Boucher and Hélène Poulin who married on 17 May 1831 in  Beauceville. George remarried on 1 Jan 1891 in Waterville to Sylvie Dostie,  widow of Louis Dutil. George, born 10 Apr 1837 in Quebec, died 1928 in Water- ville, was the son of Joseph Boucher and Delvina Rancourt. George and Mary had  two sons born in Waterville – George-H., Jr. in 1871 and Levi in 1873. George’s  middle initial is also found as “W” in some files.

16 I believe this is the Pierre Breton family. One of the children listed on the  monument as “Mary E.” is most likely Mary -Exilia Breton, born and baptized on 8  Aug 1871 in Waterville (St.Francis bp. record), daughter of Pierre Breton and  Marie Jolicoeur. Another of their children was M.-Délina, born and baptized on  2  Mar 1868 in Waterville; she married in Quebec to Stanislas Dorval. This Breton  family appears in the 1870 and 1880 Foxcroft census records. They later  returned to Canada. Pierre Breton married Marie-Euphémie Jolicoeur on 24 Jul  1854 at St.Victor, PQ. It should be pointed out here that it is doubtful any of the  ones listed on the monument who died before 1873 are actually buried in this lot.

17 Original surname is “Breton.” Peter Breton was born on 23 Nov 1881 in
 Vassalboro and was baptized on 25 Nov 1881 at St.Francis-de-Sales. Pierre Breton (Peter Butler) married on 15 Feb 1904 in Lisbon, Me. to Lena Breton of Waterville. She was the daughter of John D. Breton and Rosalie Morin of Lisbon  Falls. (see also #17a below) Grace-May died 14 Aug 1907 at age 18 months.
 Ref. A: Lena Butler died 27 Jan 1938 in Augusta and was born in North Vassalboro,  and Emma King, born in Skowhegan, per Waterville certificate of death.

17a This is Pierre Breton, born 1830 in Quebec, married 2 Sep 1849 in  Waterville to Julia-A. Breton, born 1832 in Quebec. He remarried on 13 Feb* 1881 in Waterville to Sophie Poulin, widow of William Turpin. (see #17 above) * Pierre was son of Pierre Breton and Catherine Bisson of St.Joseph, PQ while * Sophie was the daughter of Joseph Poulin and Elisabeth Turcotte of Beauceville.

18 I am fairly certain that those buried here are: “David Champagne, died 8 Jun  1888 in Fairfield, and Mrs. David Champagne, died 17 Sep 1887 in Fairfield  buried in the Catholic cemetery.” Ref.: Lawry Bros. funeral records. David  Champagne married M.-Clara Rodrigue in Waterville on 24 Apr 1882. He was the  son of Séraphin Champagne and Marie Bureau of St.Georges, PQ and she was the  daughter of Sévère Rodrigue and M.-Louise Morissette of Ste.Marie, Beauce, PQ.  They left only one daughter, Louise, born 1882, who married  Arthur Brillard on  7 Jan 1901 in Waterville. This David Champagne may be the son of David who  married Clara Rodrigue who appears in the 1900 Fairfield census as a widower,  age 39 and born in Sep 1860 in Canada.

19 This is Godfroid Champagne and his wife, Julie Marcoux who were married on 11  May 1841 in St.Georges, Beauce, PQ. He was the son of Zacharie Champagne and  M.-Reine Bourque of Beauceville. Godfroid (also Godefroy) was born on 10 Oct  1818 in Beauceville. Julie Marcoux was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Marcoux  and his second wife, Marie Mathieu of Ste.Marie, Beauce.  This family lived in  Fairfield since 1845 per 1850 census records. Lawry Bros. records give his death  date as 31 March 1886, buried on 3 April 1886.
 Ref. A: Got Champine died in Fairfield. “Sick only six days. He was one of the old  settlers. One of the oldest Frenchmen in town.” Lawry Bros. Funeral records. Julia  was born in Fairfield. My NOTE: (Julie’s birth in Fairfield is disputable – all  records indicate she was born in Canada – probably at Ste.Marie, Beauce).

21 “Minnie” was Hermine Thivierge, born 1861-2 in Maine, the daughter of François  Thivierge and Zoé Vachon. She married Noah Clair (Noé Auclair/Leclerc) on 16 Sep  1879 in Waterville. Noé, born 1862 in Maine, was the son of Philippe Clair and Hélène Boulet who were married in Waterville on 27 Nov 1849. Philippe was born  in Canada in 1815, died on 2 Nov 1898 in Waterville, son of François and  unknown. Hélène Boulet was the daughter of Olivier Boulet and Marguerite  Thibodeau.

22 Octave Clair, son of Edward Clair (Isidore Leclerc) and Mary Laney (Marie Lainé)  of Frenchville, Maine. Octave was the widower of Mary Roseberry, b. 31 Mar  1863 in Greenville, d. 10 Apr 1893 in Fairfield, and daughter of Canadians John  Roseberry and Angéline Foster (Fortin) who married in Greenville on 31 Jan  1861. Octave re-married Mary-Aurélie Burke (Bourque) in Fairfield on 9 Dec  1897. Octave’s parents were married on 13 Apr 1858 in Frenchville. He  accidentally drowned at Brassua Lake on 9 Nov 1914 at age 55 years, 7 months, 17 days and was born in Frenchville according to his death certificate. His marriage record gives his place of birth as Ft. Kent.
 Ref. A: Octave lost a 3 year-old child on 18 Feb 1887. Fragments of the stone  that marked this child’s grave were found near those of Octave and Mary.

23 Thomas Clair born 7 Mar 1850 in Fairfield, son of Joseph Clair and Françoise  Mercier of Waterville-Fairfield area. He married in Waterville on 22 Nov 1881  to Philomène Lacasse, dau. of John Lacasse and Flore Bilodeau. Joseph Clair, born  in Canada circa 1819, had married Françoise Marcia (Mercier) on 27 Apr 1846,  probably in Fairfield, daughter of Nicolas Mercier and Françoise Dumas of  St.Henri, PQ and living in Fairfield.

24 Ref. A: “In North Vassalboro, 23d inst., Willie Conroy, aged about 15 years” – The  Fairfield Chronicle, June 30, 1875.

25 Thomas was the son of Frank-D. Cormier and Généreuse “Jane” Henri. This family  was from Bouctouche, NB.

25a Edouard-Georges Cormier was baptized on 10 Jun 1891 and his brother Vital  Cormier was born on 7 Oct 1889 in Waterville, the children of Salomon (Frank)  Cormier and Virginie (Jane) Ouellette. Ref.: St.Francis-de-Sales baptismal  records.

27 Stella was the daughter of Charlie Cogan and Lucy Huard, died 14 Jul 1887 at age 1  year, 16 days. Ref. A: “Birth: ‘Waterville, June 28, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cogan,  a daughter.’  Waterville Mail July 1, 1886.” “Death: ‘In Waterville, July 14,  Stella May Cogan, aged 1 year.’ The Waterville Mail, July 15, 1887.

28 Ref. A: “Death: ‘In North Vassalboro, Dec 24, Annie M. Degnan, aged 19 years’ – The  Waterville Mail, December 29, 1882.”
 Ref. A: John Valentine Degnan was born on September 5, 1859, the son of Patrick  Degnan (bp. Ireland) and Ann O’Riley (bp. Ireland). He died on February 11,  1937. Vassalboro Records.

29 Ref. A: Julia Degnan, daughter of Patrick J. Degnan and Ann O’Reily, died on  September 5, 1902. In this record, the birthplace of Patrick Degnan is listed as  New York State. Vassalboro Records. Julia-M. was born on 10 Jun 1869 in  Waterville and was baptized at St.Francis on 9 Oct 1870.

32 Susie Jennis could be either Suzanne Genest or Suzanne Quirion dit Jenness. No  other information.

32a Marie-E. Drouin died on 12 July 1894 in Waterville, age 56. She was born in Canada in 1836 or 1837, the widow of Elie Lessard whom she had married on 22 Oct 1877 at St.Victor, PQ. She was the daughter of Louis-Léger Drouin and  Emérentienne Gagné of Beauceville, PQ. (See also # 57 and 57a.)

32b Henry-Albert Dubord was born and baptized on 21 May 1884 in Waterville, the
 son of Samuel Dubord and Philomène “Lavina” Grondin who were married on 6 Jan 1883 in Waterville. Samuel was the son of Edouard and M.-Desanges Latulippe of  PQ. Philomène was the daughter of Urbain Grondin & Rose-D. Mathieu of PQ.

33 Marie-Louise (Bolduc) Duguay, born in 6 Apr 1895 in Fairfield, died on 8 Aug  1939, daughter of Charles Burgess (Bolduc) and Malvina Vigue (Veilleux) who  were married on 9 Apr 1888 in Beauceville, PQ. Louise married Frank (François)  Duguay in Fairfield on 30 May 1910.

33a Pierre Dulac and Marie Roy were married at St. Francis de Sales church in Water-
 ville on 4 August 1879. They lived in Fairfield. (The heavy iron crosses marking  their gravesites were identified by their grandson, Bernard Drouin, who had these  crosses fabricated in the 1950’s.)

34 This is Rémi Dulac. Rémi (or Remie) Dulac also went under the name of “John”  Dulac. He was married to Marcelline Robertson. He died or was buried on 27 May  1891 at age 87 years. Cause of death: shock. Orders for his burial were by Peter  Dulac according to Lawry Bros. funeral records. This gravemarker was found in  August 1993 under 8 inches of earth. A small footstone with his initials “RD” was  found nearby.

34a This is Marcelline (Mary-C. Robertson), born 1826 in Canada, wife of John  (Rémi) Dulac, born 1803 in Canada. This couple was living in Fairfield in 1870  with their son, Elzéar, born 1857-8 in Canada. This tall gravestone was buried  face up in over 8 inches of earthcover and is well preserved. It was excavated  during the 1993 restoration project. Inscriptions are very legible. (See also  #72.) A small footstone with her initials, “MD” was found nearby. Their daughter,  Amanda, married Peter Rancourt in Waterville on 28 Jul 1866. It appears that  “John” and “Remie” are one-and-the-same person. This would explain the  proximity of the graves of John and Marcelline Dulac.

35 Michel Dostie (Anglicized to Mitchell Dustin) was born 7 Jan 1818 in St.Joseph,  PQ, son of Michel Dostie & Marie Jacques. He was killed by a fall down a stairway  in Winslow on 14 Jul 1893. He was married – name of his spouce not given in the  death record. (See page 31 for spouce)
 Ref. A.: “Death: ‘Winslow, July 15, Mitchell Dustin, aged 75 years’
 The Waterville Mail, July 20, 1893.” (See also # 35a below)

35a Mitchell-Bernard Dustin (Dostie) was born on 24 Aug 1891 in Waterville,  the son of Charles Dostie, (alias “Mitchell Dustin”) and Harriet Chipman.

35b Albert Dutil and Léonie Lebel were married 14 February 1898 in Lewiston.
 NOTE: their grand-daughter, Juliette Dutil Marquis of Shawmut, stored this stone  in her yard until we transferred it to the cemetery on 10 Aug 1995.

36 This would be  “Louis Doyon” in French. This is Louis Doyon, born 13 Dec 1823 in  Beauceville/St.Georges, the son of Louis Doyon and Charlotte Quirion. His brother,  Joseph and wife Adèle Vachon moved to Jackman.

 Ref. A: A Civil War soldier, Private Louis Dyer was born in St.George, PQ in 1825.  He enlisted in the Union Army at Moose River on January 24, 1862 and was  discharged on September 5, 1864 – Military Rec., Wtvl. (see p. 31 for more)

37 Henry Ferland was born in Fairfield, son of Louis Ferland and Virginie “Annie”  Gilbert who were married 9 Apr 1883 in Waterville. The 1900 Fairfield census gives his month & year of birth as Dec 1888. However, his baptismal record at  St.Francis-de-Sales gives his birth as 4 Dec 1889 and his baptism as 5 Dec 1889,  which is more reliable.

37a This was a Fairfield family. Joseph Ferland, born Jun-Jul 1843 in Canada,  husband of Sara Poulin, born 1852, who were married 21 Aug 1866 at St.Joseph’s  in Old Town. Sara Poulin remarried on 6 Sep 1886 in Waterville to Joseph  Brodeur. Their daughter, Josephine, born in Dec.1868 in Maine, married in  Waterville on 13 Apr 1884 to George Huard. This stone was uncovered during the  1993 restoration project.

38 Levi Fortier would be “Olivier Fortier” in French. I believe this to be Levi Foster  (Olivier Fortin) who married Marie-Lucie Labbé in St. Georges on 10 Jan 1865.  This family was living in Fairfield with two children in the 1870 census. Fortier,  Fortin, and Foster were often confused at that time.
 Ref. A: A Civil War soldier, Private Levi Fortier was born in 1841. He enlisted in  the Union Army at Cape Elizabeth on January 5, 1864 and was discharged on  December 7, 1864. Military Records, Waterville.

39 Élise Fortin (Alice Foster) was born on 25 Jan 1883 in Fairfield, died on 10 Dec  1886 and was buried on the 11th. Mary-Quinn Fortin was born on 19 May 1879  in Kendall’s Mills ( section of Fairfield) and was baptized on 25 May 1879 at  St.Francis-de-Sales church in Waterville. They are the children of Robert Fortin  (Foster) and Marcelline “Abbie” Giroux who were married in Waterville on 6 Oct  1873. Robert was the son of Isaac Fortin & Esther Grondin. Marcelline was the  daughter of David Giroux & M.-Geneviève Dutil.
 Ref. A: Abbie died on February 25, 1897 – certificate of death, Fairfield.

40 Foster is likely “Fortin.” Daughter of Mary & Levi Foster ? #38 above.

40b Joseph Foster (Fortin) was married to a Sophie _______ (b. 1814), and were  living in Fairfield in 1870 with 3 children, Rose, 18, David, 16 and Joseph, 12, – all born in Canada. No other information.

40c This stone was found on 8 Aug 1995 during grading and leveling of quadrant D.  Richard Huard married Philomène Gaudreau on 7 Jan 1873 in Lewiston(Sts.Peter- Paul). Richard Huard remarried on 10 Feb 1895 in Augusta to Méthaïde Ayotte. Philomène was the daughter of André Gaudreau and Marie Caron of Riv.-du-Loup, PQ.

41 This may be Sophie Poulin who married François Giroux in the Boston area.  The person buried here was born on 4 July 1815.

42 Cécile (or Celia) was born on 11 Jan 1877 in Waterville, the daughter of Joseph  Gilbert & Adéline L’Hébreux who married on 25 Aug 1868 at Beauceville, PQ. (See  #56a)

43 This is Charles Gilbert, born 27 Feb 1825 in Beauceville, son of Olivier Gilbert  & and Marie-Anne Rodrigue of Beauceville. He married a third time on 15 Jun 1863 in Beauceville to Sophie Fortin, born 10 Feb 1835 in Beauceville, daughter of  Joseph Fortin and Modeste Paré. #45. Sophie’s death record gives her birth date as 11 Feb 1835 which is the date of her baptism – the only record she evidently had. She was a Fairfield resident for 45 years. Sophie died 25 Feb 1919 in Fairfield.

44 Lester (Célestin) Gilbert was married circa 1902 (probably in Fairfield) to  Josie (Joséphine) Poulin. Josie was born in Canada in Oct 1884, daughter of Joseph Poulin and Adèle Bolduc of Beauceville. This family lived in Fairfield. Per her record of death, she was born on 25 December 1886 in Fairfield and died on  20 June 1918 in Fairfield. Her husband, Lester, was born in St.Georges, son of  François Gilbert and Sophie Poulin, and he remarried on 29 November 1922 in  Fairfield to Louise-B. Bruno (Bruneau), born in Plattsburg, NY, the 42 year-old  widow of a “Perry.” Their third child, a daughter, Mary-Beatrice-Amelia was  born 1 Dec 1907 in Shawmut. Their first child, a stillborn female, was born 7 Oct  1903 in Fairfield.

45 see #43 above

46 This is Jean-Baptiste Giroux who married on 30 Jul 1867 at Beauceville, PQ to  Aurélie Veilleux. Following Aurélie’s death, he remarried on 24 Apr 1905 in  Waterville to Marie Giguère. Jean was born on 2 Sep 1839 in Beauceville, son of  Jean Giroux and Louise Veilleux. Jean “Johnny” died in Waterville on Christmas  day 1909.
Orelie (Aurélie) died on 5 May 1900 (St.Frs. records) in Waterville  at age 52. She was born in Quebec (St.Georges !)
in 1848-9, daughter of Séraphin  Veilleux and Angèle Quirion of Beauceville.
 Ref. A: “Death: ‘Giroux, Amanda, Mar 17, 1891, at 17 y’ – Winslow, Maine.  Vital Records to 1892.
“Death: ‘Winslow, Apr 13, Mary Gero, aged 24 years’  – The Waterville Mail, April 20, 1893.

47 George Goodman was married to Rosalie Fortin on 29 Jul 1872 at St.Francis-
 de-Sales church in Waterville. George was a cook by trade.
 Ref. A: George Goodman died in Fairfield on July 5, 1895. Lawry Bros. Funeral  records, Fairfield.

47a This stone found buried August 20, 1997.             *

47b Actually is “Joseph Grondin” – dates on stone appear to be 29 July 1896.
 This stone was found buried on 29 Jul 1994.

47c Damase (aka Thomas) Mercier married Adéline GRONDIN on 12 May 1862 at St.Evariste, Beauce, PQ.
They left no descendants per any known records.

47d Marie Grondin (actually Marie BOLDUC) was the wife of Narcisse Grondin. This couple was married 14 June 1842 at St.François de Beauce, PQ. Marie was born  on 5 Aug 1819 at Beauceville, daughter of Charles Bolduc & M.-Geneviève Doyon.

48 This would be “Gagné” Anglicized to Gurney. This is Emma Dulac, b. 12 Jul 1861 in  Shawmut, died 23 Sep 1913 in Shawmut, wife of Charles Gagné whom she had  married on 6 Aug 1877 in Waterville and was the daughter of Peter Dulac &  Melinda Lachance.

49 William Halacy was the son of John Halacy and Ann Collins of Waterville.

50 Ref. A: Rebecca Keen was born in Point Lévis, PQ in 1865, the daughter of Vénérante Marotte, born Point Lévis and ________. She died on February 8, 1911 in Fairfield. Lawry Bros. Funeral Records. Rebecca was 52 yrs.-10  months
 old. Frank Keen was born on 20 Jul 1840 in Scotland and he died on 21 Sep 1928 in Waterville – aged 88y-2m-1d per his civil death record. There is also a young * child or infant (a relative) buried in this lot according to Frank’s granddaughter. * The monument also has the name “DOIRON” – original French family name that was later Anglicized to GOULD by a branch of Frank’s descendants.

51 Katie was the daughter of Michael Kelleher and Margaret Kane of Waterville.

52 Elizabeth Champagne, born 1 Apr 1860 in Fairfield, died 15 Apr 1901 in  Fairfield, the daughter of Godfroid Champagne & Julie Marcoux. She married  David-Octave Roy (King) on 4 Oct 1880 in Waterville.

52a Georges-François Lacombe married Adélaïde “Ledgie” Thibodeau on 18 Nov. 1834  at Beauceville, PQ. This couple is regarded as one of Winslow’s first French- Canadian settlers (1846). Georges was born Dec 5, 1811 at Beaucevile, son of  André Lacombe and M.-Louise Roy.

52b Ledgie (Adélaïde) Lacombe was born  on 1 Jul 1814 in Beauceville, daughter of Louis Thibodeau and M.-Louise Gagné & came to Wtvl.in 1844. She was 88 per her  gravestone, and 90y-0m-5d per her death record in the ME Vital Rec. (See #52a  for her marriage.) This stone was found buried on 5 Jul 1994.

52c Charles-W. Lacombe was the son of Joseph Lacombe and M.-Louise Poulin, and the grandson of #52a & b. He was born in Winslow in July 1899.

53 This name is correctly spelled “Lamarre” rather than Lamorre. Marie-Blanche  Lamarre was the 5 month-old daughter of Jules-H. Lamarre & Leda “Ida” Breton,  who were married in Waterville. Jules Lamarre was the son of Firmin Lamarre &  Génoffe Morin of Islet, PQ. M.-Blanche was born on 9 Feb 1892 in Waterville and  died on 23 Jul 1892 in Waterville of cholera. Her baptismal record indicates she  was born on 7 Mar 1892 in Waterville and was baptized on 11 Mar 1892 at  St.Francis. (see page 33 for more info.)

54 Marcelline Veilleux married Louis Lachance on 22 Nov 1842 at St.Georges, PQ. She  was the daughter of Louis Veilleux & Marie Gagné of Beauceville, PQ and Louis was  the son of Joachim Lachance & Judith Cloutier. Marcelline was born on 5 Apr 1815  at Beauceville, PQ. (See also her husband, #58 below.)

55 Annie-M. was born on 24 Jan 1878 in Waterville and baptized as Georgiana-Eva  Landry on 27 Jan 1878 at St.Francis, the daughter of George-E. Landry and Nora  Burgess(Malvina Bourget). Annie’s brother, George-E., Jr., born in 1882 in  Gardiner, Me., married Léa Pelletier on 2 Oct 1905 in Waterville.

56a Adéline L’Hebreux died in Waterville on 13 Apr 1899, wife of Joseph Gilbert  born on 8 Nov 1845 in Canada, daughter of André L’Hebreux and Marie Rancourt.  (see also #42)

57 Eli (or Hilaire & Élie) Lessard is Hilaire Lessard, son of Pierre Lessard and  Archange Jacques of St.Joseph. He married M.-Julienne Lessard on 10 Jan 1865 in  Beauceville and remarried to Marie Drouin on 22 Oct 1877 at St.Victor, PQ. Élie  Lessard was born 2 Nov 1829 in Beauceville. He does not appear in the 1880  census of any Central Maine town. NOTE from Lawry Bros. records: “Lessaw – died 14 Dec 1888, buried 16 Dec 1888 in the Catholic cemetery. This man was known as the old black Frenchman and lived up by the cemetery.”

57a Philibert Lessard (aka Philip Lessard) died accidentally in Augusta on 25 May  1894. He was born in Canada in 1866-7 (gravestone) or 1869 (civil death  record), married Annie Poulin in Fairfield on 17 Nov 1890. He was the son of Eli  Lessard and M.-Julienne Lessard. He is buried on the same lot as his father and  step-mother (Marie Drouin). (See also # 57 & #32a)

58 Louis Lachance (alias, “James Lewis”) was born in Beauceville, PQ on 23 Apr  1810 (24 Mar 1809 per his death record). He married M.-Marcelline Veilleux in  St.Georges, PQ on 22 Nov 1842 and were living in Fairfield (1880 census). See  also his wife: #54 above. He died of paralysis in Fairfield, his wife was living at  the time (civil death record). This stone was found buried on 18 Jul 1994. (See also #54)

58b This name is properly “Lachance” in French. The civil records indicate that “Rosa Lashus” (Rosalie Lachance) died on 9 Nov 1893 in Fairfield at age 76 and was born in Canada, wife of Alexandre Lachance. No other information.

58d Georgiana Maheu was the daughter of Bénoni Maheu and Modeste Gilbert of St.Joseph, Beauce, PQ. One record indicates she was born in St.Marie, PQ.  She married Vital Roy in Waterville on 10 Nov 1890. This gravestone was  excavated in July 1993 during the restoration project. A small footstone with the  initials A.F.S. found next to her gravestone. Vital Roy (alias “Vede King”)  remarried on 18 Apr 1897 in Fairfield to Léa Binet (alias “Lill Bennett”),  daughter of François-Honoré Binet and Célanire Rancourt of Ste.Marguerite, PQ.  (See also #58e)

58e Joseph Roy was born 5 Feb 1893 in Waterville and died 11 Sep 1893, son of  Vital Roy and Georgiana Maheu of Shawmut, age 7 mo.-6 da.  Ref.: St.Francis- de-Sales baptismal record and Immaculate Heart of Mary death record.

59 Louis Mercier (& Marcia) married on 22 Jun 1846 in Waterville to Euphémie  “Fannie” Dostie. He was the son of Nicolas Mercier and Françoise Dumas of  St.Henri, PQ. She was the daughter of David Dostie and Marguerite Bariault of  St.Joseph, PQ. Esther is Euphémie. Fannie also went under the name of “Esther.”
 Ref. A: He died in Fairfield Center – Lawry Brothers Funeral Records.

59a Richard Mercier (alias “Richard Marshall’) was married to Marie-Naphlette  Bolduc on 3 November 1835 at Beauceville, PQ, the son of Paul-O. Mercier  and Suzanne Bureau. Richard was born in 1811 or 1812 per the Waterville  1870 census. (This gravestone was found buried and broken in half on 30 Jun  1994 ; also found at this time were the two gravestones listed below.)

59b Rosaline-Marie Mercier was born 22 Sep 1878 in Waterville, daughter of  Pierre Mercier and Léocadie Rodrigue. Pierre Mercier (alias “Peter Marshall”)  married Léocadie “Lucretia” Rodrigue 21 Jan 1872 in Waterville.

59c Marie-Amanda Mercier was born 24 Sep 1875 in Waterville, daughter of
 Pierre Mercier and Léocadie Rodrigue.

61a Adolphe Gagné and Rosanna Montambeau were married at St.Joseph’s parish in Biddeford on 7 Jan 1884. They had a son, William, who married Nellie Bishop (Levesque) on 12 May 1912 in Fairfield. William Gagné and Nellie had a daughter, Sadie-Marie who married William Bolduc on 29 Nov 1934 at Immaculate Heart of  Mary church in Fairfield. Adolphe and Rosanna had a daughter, M.-Louise, was  baptized at St.Francis in Waterville on 16 Dec 1886 (born the previous day).

61b Grégoire Gagné is most likely the father of Adolphe Gagné. Grégoire Gagné  married Rose-Délima Bisson on 13 Jan 1852 at Ste. Marie, Beauce, PQ. They  had several children who were married at St.Francis church in Waterville.  Adolphe evidently moved back to this area with the rest of his family shortly  after his marriage in Biddeford.

62 George Morissette married Marie-Célonise Bizier, also known as “Minnie Lewis,”  on 15 Aug 1866 in Waterville. George was born in 1843 at  Ste.Marie, PQ, and is  probably the son of Jean-Baptiste Morissette & M.-Louise Avare. Minnie is the  daughter of Gaspard Bizier and Modeste Cloutier.
 Ref. A: “George Morrissette died in Fairfield on Mar 14, 1887 – Lawry Brothers  Funeral Records, Fairfield.” (1887 should read 1885)
 Ref. A: “Mary L. Morrissette (bp. Canada) died in Fairfield on June 12, 1908. She  was the wife of George Morrissette. – Lawry Brothers Funeral Records, Fairfield.”

63 This is probably a “Morin” which was Anglicized to Murray.

64 Aimé Nadeau married a second time on 17 Jul 1892 in Waterville to M.-Georgiana  Fortin. He was the son of Joseph Nadeau & Arthémise Levesque (alias “Annie  Bishop”). Philomène (also “Emma” in Waterville’s 1890 census) was born in  Canada and evidently married Aimé in 1885 or 1886 based on their first child’s  age (Alfred was age 3 in 1890).

64a Joseph Normand was born in 1855 in Province of Québec. He was the son of Antoine  Normand and Marguerite Bernier who were married on 23 Jan 1855 at Islet.  Joseph married on 11 Jan 1885 in Waterville to Flora Ponsant, daughter of Elzéar  Ponsant and Nathalie Francoeur of St.Roch de Québec. He had a brother, Wilfrid,  who married Marie Bolduc in Waterville and she had 2 sisters who married in * Waterville.  (see page 38 for additional information)
 During the latest survey, this gravemarker was located “face up” in the  ground and  was partially buried. It is now barely readable. Inscription was taken from Ref. A.

65 Ella-May/Mae O’Blenis born on 1 May 1919 in Fairfield and died on  16 Jun 1919  in Fairfield. She was the second child of Arthur-F. O’Blenis and Gertrude-C. Foster  (Fortin) who were married on 12 Apr 1917 in Fairfield. Arthur O’Blenis was  born in Salisbury, NB, son of Bernard O’Blenis and Martha Taylor of Salisbury,  NB. Gertrude was the daughter of Robert Fortin and Marcelline “Abbie” Giroux (m.  1873 in Waterville) of Fairfield.

66a Thaddée Ouellette was born 13 August 1872 in Van Buren, Me., the son of Fabien  Ouellette and M.-Hermine- Domitille Sirois dit Duplessis who were married 23  November 1863 in Van Buren, Me. Thaddée died in Fairfield.
His full given name was Fabien-Thaddée. His gravestone was found in July 1994.

67 Actual name is “Poirier.” Edouard Poirier married on 28 Apr 1879 in Waterville. to Apolline Poulin (Pauline Pooler). He was the son of Edouard Poirier and Angèle  Vachon-Pomerleau; she was the daughter of Joseph Poulin & Sophie Rodrigue.
 Ref. A: “Mrs. Edward Piper died in Fairfield on April 18, 1887, while giving  birth. – Lawry Brothers Funeral Records, Fairfield.”

68a Evelina Pooler is actually Adéline Poulin, born 1866-7 in Waterville, daughter of  Jean-Antoine “John” Poulin and Sophie Marcoux (Pépin). Evelina (Adéline) mar- ried Charles-H. Breton (& Butler) in Waterville on 7 Jan 1888. Charles Breton  remarried in Waterville on 17 Jun 1889 to Emma Roy. He was the son of Pierre  Breton & Julie Breton – see
# 17a. Evelina (also Adéline and Alvine) was almost  22 years old when she died of childbirth complications. Child is buried with her.

68b Lawry Bros. funeral records indicate the following Pooler (Poulin) were buried in  the Catholic cemetery and this may be the resting place for the following: Louise  Pooler died 26 Jul 1888, age 27 years; infant child of Louise Pooler died 2 Aug  1888, age 2 weeks, 2 days; Alfred Pooler died 23 Nov 1886 at age 4 years of  diptheria – all died in Fairfield.

68c François-Xavier Proulx was married to Valérie Gagnon. Valérie was born in 1848  in Canada and died 1934 in Waterville. She is buried in the St.Francis cemetery in  Waterville according to family members.

69 This couple is Joseph-Ignace Rancourt and Marie-Archange Gilbert who were  married on 16 Oct 1827 in Beauceville. This Rancourt family moved to Fairfield  about 1837. Two sons married in Waterville: Louis, in 1860 to Célina Doyon and  Pierre “Peter” in 1866 to Amanda “Phoebie” Dulac. Another son, Andrew (André)  married an Eva ____. No marriage record found for Marie and Thomas, their other  children. Joseph-Ignace was born 27 Jun 1801 in Beauceville, son of François Rancourt and M.-Louise Pépin dit Lachance. Marie-Archange Gilbert was born 17  Apr 1804 in Beauceville, daughter of Augustin Gilbert and Marie-Angélique  Poulin. Peter & Phebe are also on this lot –
see #72.
 NOTE: The inscription reads “Joseph E.” However, he was Joseph-I. The only explanation for this error is that the letter “i” in French is pronounced like the letter “e” in English.

69a Marie-E. is likely the daughter of Joseph Rancourt and Marie Gilbert, #69 above.

70 Henry Rancourt was born on 23 Sep 1889 in Waterville and was baptized at  St.Francis on 29 Sep 1889, son of Olivier Rancourt and Marie Fortin. His small  slate marker is located in the same area as his brother, James Rancourt (see  #83), also a small slate marker.

71 Anna (and Annie) Dostie was the daughter of Auguste Dostie and M.-Elisabeth  Poulin of St.Joseph, Beauce, PQ. Anna married Pierre-Elzéar Rancourt on 20 Aug 1888 in Waterville. Elzéar was the son of Sylvain Rancourt and Emilie Boulet (see  #73) of St.Georges, PQ. Following her death, he remarried on 25 Apr 1892 in  Augusta to Emilie Gilbert.
Ref. A: “Death: ‘Waterville, May 2, Elget Ronco aged 21 years’ – The Waterville Mail, May 2, 1889.”

72 Pierre “Peter” Rancourt, born 31 Jul 1841 in Fairfield,  baptized 11 Oct 1842 in Beauceville, son of Joseph-Ignace Rancourt & M.-Archange Gilbert. Peter mar- ried on 28 Jul 1866 in Waterville to Amanda-Philomène “Phebe” Dulac, daughter of Jean Dulac & Marcelline Robertson of Canada. See also #34a, #69, and  #72.
 Ref. A: Phoebe Rancourt was born in St.Georges, Canada, the daughter of John Dulac  (bp. Canada) and Mary C. Robertson (bp. Canada). She died in Albion on May 9,  1919 at the age of 75 yrs. 5 mos. 8 das. – Lawry Brothers Funeral Records, Ffd.

73 Sylvain Rancourt was married to Emelie Boulet on 27 Jan 1863 at St.Georges, PQ.  He was born on 25 Jun 1839 at St.François (Beauceville), PQ, son of Sylvain  Rancourt & Reine Lambert dit Champagne. Emelie was the daughter of the couple  below. Augustin Boulet married Nymphe “Nef” Rancourt on 15 Aug 1820 in  Beauceville, PQ. Nymphe Rancourt was born 18 Jun 1802 in Beauceville. Sylvain  died 5 Mar 1901 in Wtvl. (See also #9)

74 This is properly “Roseberry.”

75 Ref. A: “There has been for some time considerable diphtheria among our French  population, and several deaths have occurred. Mr. Henry Razor lost a little girl on  Wednesday, and a boy yesterday – two remarkably bright and intelligent children,  whom many of our citizens doubtless remember – and he has a third one sick. The  Waterville Mail, July 5, 1878.”

76 This Sylvain Rancourt is the father of Sylvain, #73, who married Emelie Boulet.  Sylvain was born on 21 Sep 1815 in Beauceville. He was first married on 3 Jul  1838 in Beauceville to Reine Lambert dit Champagne, and on 15 Jan 1872 in  St.Georges to M.-Hélène Vachon.

77 Fidèle Richard and his wife, Marie Babin, was a Fairfield family. Most likely  originated from Acadia (Maritime Provinces).

79 Ref. A: “A Civil War soldier, Joseph Richards was born in St.Francis, PQ in 1827.  He enlisted in the Union Army at Waterville on October 13, 1862, and was  discharged August 25, 1863. Joseph died on December 1, 1891. Military Records,  Waterville.”
 NOTE: There is no record in Beauceville of Joseph Richard’s baptism. He appears in  the 1890 Waterville census with his wife, Angèle, also born in Canada in 1827. He  was probably baptized in St.Georges.

80 Jules Robichaud & Joséphine Poulin had several children who were born in  Biddeford (1885) and in Waterville (1887) and married in Augusta. This couple  was married on 19 Nov 1883 in Waterville. Josephine was born 1 Apr 1864 in  Bucksport, Me., daughter of John-Antoine Poulin and Sophie Marcoux-Pépin (also  as Sophie Lachance). Josephine died on 26 Jan 1919 in  Augusta. Jules Robichaud  was actually Jules Tondreau, but was adopted by a Robichaud family. He was born  on 22 May 1863 in Canada, died 15 Aug 1942 in Augusta, and was the son of  Philémon Tondreau and Marguerite _______ .
 Ref. A: “Death: ‘Waterville, May 20, Louisa Robeshaw, age 4 yrs’ – The Waterville
 Sentinel, May 26, 1892.” (see also page 39 in the booklet for more info. / Part 3 Church burial records on web page)

81 Marie-A. Bégin married Napoléon Rodrigue on 16 Sep 1895 in Fairfield. She was the daughter of Jean-Onésime Bégin & Adéline Morin of Lambton, PQ. Following her death, Napoléon remarried on 29 Aug 1898 in Augusta to Delvina “Lena” Pépin.  Ref. A: Their son, Edmund, died 25 Aug 1897, age 3 months and is buried here with his mother.

82 Ref. A: “A Civil War soldier, William Rogers was born in Walesford, Massachusetts  in November 1831. He inlisted in the Union Army at Skowhegan on March 1,  1864, and was discharged February 2, 1866. William died in Waterville on March  3, 1898. – Military Records, Waterville.

83 James (Jacques) Rancourt, b. 1 Mar 1887 in Waterville, and baptized on 6 Mar  1887 at St.Francis-de-Sales church,  died on 29 Jun 1894 in Wateriville, the son  of Olivier “Levi” Rancourt & Marie Fortin. His grave marker is made of slate and is  in immaculate condition. Levi Rancourt and Marie were married on 13 Sep 1875  in St.Georges.(See also #70, his brother) (See page 36 for more information)

84 Joseph Roy (alias Joseph Ware in Fairfield) married M.-Malvina Quirion on 7 Nov  1871 in Beauceville, PQ. He was the son of André Roy & M.-Alice Latulippe. Names  of her parents are not given in the marriage record. However, she was born on 2  Sep 1851 in Beauceville, daughter of Marguerite Quirion who married Thomas  Barton.

84a Alexis Roy (Alexander King) died on 10 Mar 1897 in Fairfield, age 58 years, 10  months, and was born in April 1838 in PQ, son of Alexis Roy and Adélaïde Goulet of  St.Gervais, PQ. Alexandre was first married in St.Charles, PQ on 13 Jul 1858 to  Marie Boulanger, and married a second time in Waterville on 27 Jul 1866 to Délia  “Tillie” Doyon. (See also #84b).

84b Nellie Roy died of TB on 27 Feb 1908 in an Augusta hospital. She was born at  Kendall’s Mills on 26 Sep 1878, daughter of Alexander King (Alexis Roy) and  Adéline/Delia “Tillie” Doyon. Nellie was baptized on 27 Sep 1878 as Mary-Helen  Roy at St.Francis-de-Sales church. She never married. (See #84a for her parents).

85 Philip-B. Ryan, of Oakland, died of pneumonia on 24 Apr 1894 at age 68, husband  of Sarah Lahaie. Ref.: St.Francis-de-Sales death record. Philip was 68 years-1  month old, the son of Cornelius Ryan and ___ both born in Ireland. Ref.: civil death  record. (see page 36 for additional information)

86 Florence Rancourt married on 14 Jun 1875 in Waterville to Joseph St-Pierre  (St.Peter). She was the daughter of Abraham Rancourt & Nathalie “Sarah” Mathieu  of Waterville. Joseph was the son of Antoine St.Pierre and Zoé Cloutier of St.Jean,  Port Joli, PQ.

87 Charles-Patrick Sweeney was born on 1 Dec 1886 in Waterville are was baptized  on 3 Dec 1886 at St.Francis-de-Sales church, son of Hugh Sweeney and Johannah  Purcell. Charles died in April 1887, probably in Waterville.

88 Nellie Roseberry, wife of Paul Tétrault. During restoration work in 1996, it was found that her coffin is in a concrete vault (the only one known to have been used in this cemetery).
 Ref. A: “Nellie Raspberry, the wife of Paul Telraull, had a child who died in  Fairfield in 1891. Lawry Brothers Funeral Records, Fairfield.”

89 David Thibodeau was the son of James(Rémi) Thibodeau & Olive Gagnon.
 Ref. A: “A World War I soldier, David Thibodeau was born in Fairfield on
 August 27, 1895. He enlisted at Ft. Slocum, New York, on March 21, 1913.
 David was killed in action in France on October 13, 1918.
 Military Records, Waterville.”

89a James (Rémi) Thibodeau married by Father Rand of Houlton on 3 Jul 1880 in  Ft.Fairfield  to Olive Gagnon, born 19 Jun 1862, daughter of Joseph Gagnon and  Domitille Fournier. James was the son of David Thibodeau and Elizabeth Dumont.  David Thibodeau was born in 1811 in Acadia and died in 1885 in Madawaska,  Maine. David’s wife, Elizabeth Dumont, also known as Elizabeth Desmond, died at  about age 40 from childbirth. Other children of James Thibodeau and Olive Gagnon are: Mary-Ann Thibodeau,  born 5 May 1892 in Fairfield, died 3 Aug 1892 in Fairfield and Clarence-Robert  Thibodeau, born 12 Nov 1907 in Fairfield, died 11 Mar 1909 in Fairfield. Both  children are buried in this lot but have no grave markers.

90 Esther Thibodeau was the daughter of Rémi Thibodeau & Olive Gagnon. Rémi is  buried in this cemetery; Olive is buried in St.Francis cem. in Waterville. (See also  #89a). Esther is buried with her infant child. Esther’s actual name was Anastasie  – she died 11 May 1911 in Fairfield.
 Ref. A: “Esther was born in North Lyndon, died in Benton on May 11, 1911, while  giving birth. Her husband was Everett-Nelson Tobey. Lawry Brothers Funeral  Records, Fairfield.”

90a Prosper Toulouse (alias “Prescott”), born 2 Apr 1867 in Waterville, was the  husband of Mary-Abbie Williams whom he married on 23 Aug 1890 at St.Francis  de Sales in Waterville. He was the son of George Toulouse and Marie-Aurélie  Latulippe. His infant son, Prosper, was born 13 Apr 1894. (This gravestone  uncovered on 4 Aug 1994)

91 Surname is properly “Trépanier.” This is Philomène Trépanier, dau. of Jean  Trépanier & Véronique Goulet of St.Joseph, PQ. She married Olivier Poulin on 26  Aug 1861 at St.Évariste, PQ.

92 Bridget Tully died in Winslow on 31 Jul 1896 at age 82, the widow of Peter Tully.  Bridget born in 1813-4 in Ireland, daughter of Thomas Maney and Mary Tulley.

92a Joseph-Henry and Marie-Olive-Démérise Turmel were two of the children of  Maxime (alias “Maurice”) Turmel and Delvina Jobin who were married in  Waterville on 3 Jul 1882. Henry was born on 19 Jul 1888 and Olive on 7 Feb  1886 in Waterville. Another daughter, Marie-Athanaïse (Denise), born 14 Aug  1890, died young.

94 Henri Veilleux was born 1 Jan 1883 in Fairfield, baptized on 18 Feb 1883 at St.Francis, son of Théodore Veilleux and Angèle Dostie. Théodore (aka Fred-N. Veilleux) married in Waterville to M.-Angéline Dostie on 20 Aug 1860. He was the son of François-X. Veilleux & Marcelline Lambert of Beauceville, PQ. Frédéric was  born 25 Dec 1835 in Beauceville, PQ and died on 13 Aug 1898 in Fairfield. His age  on the monument was either misread or not given correctly to the stone-maker.

94b Célina Bolduc was married to Godefroid Veilleux on 28 Jul 1868 at St.Victor, PQ the daughter of Louis Bolduc and Emilie Fortin of Beauceville, PQ. Célina died in  Waterville on Jun 1, 1901 of TB and was buried on Jun 3, 1901. She was baptized  as Marie-Céline Bolduc the day after her birth on Jun 2, 1847 at Beauceville.  (This stone found buried on 10 Aug 1994)

95 Elmer Vigue (Alfred-Edmond Veilleux) died of cholera in Waterville on 9 Sep 1896. He was born and baptized on
11 Feb 1896 in Waterville, 10th child of  Philip Vigue (Philias Veilleux) and Angie King (Angèle Roy). His civil birth record also gives his name was “Edmond.” Philias and Angèle were married on  14 Jul 1881 at St.Francis de Sales church in Waterville.

95a This would be Thomas Ouellette, in French. No other information.

96 The only record I can find close to this is the baptism of M.-Anne-Helene  Rodrigue, born 15 Jan 1883 in Fairfield, baptized 21 Jan 1883 at St.Francis- de-Sales, daughter of Charles Rodrigue and Virginie Daigle (who were married 25  Aug 1883 at St.Francis in Waterville. This couple is not in the 1890 census of  Waterville nor the 1900 census records in this area.************************

Donald Lemieux adds the following in his listing Three wooden grave markers are so badly worn that the inscriptions are only partially readable. The wooden cross in quadrant A that is identified on the chart as “(Wooden Cross)” reads:  Feb 28, 1926
    Peter ____?_____
    a l’age de __?__
    March 25, 1926
 There are two wooden markers in quadrant D. As near as I can tell, the one I have labeled “(Wooden Grave Marker)” reads:
    David ? Fortin ? (see NOTE below)
    died June 15, 18(?)5
 The only word I can make out on the second wooden marker in this quadrant is “Repose” (Here Lies ____ ). Other partial inscriptions can be found on the chart.
 ABOUT THE CHART (or map): Each name on the list is identified by a letter followed by a number. The letter indicates the quadrant in which the headstone was found.
 The number locates the headstone within the quadrant.
 For example, Marie Begin is identified by the code “D22.” This means that her headstone is number 22 in quadrant D. Initialed footstones are also labeled on the chart.
 Adeline Lebreux’s stone was moved to the base of the hill by unknown parties. It probably belongs on the plot in which her daughter, Celina Gilbert, is buried. Some
monuments may have been stolen or removed for other reasons. There is a shallow rectangular pit in quadrant A which suggests that at some time, either a new grave was dug but not used, or an existing grave was opened. The pit measures roughtly 9 feet by 15 feet and is located about 66 feet to the northwest of the central obelisk.
     Donald Lemieux Dec 31, 1978********************

NOTE:  Upon re-examination using various techniques, the wooden grave marker (located directly opposite of C19) appears to read:
  David Fortin ?
  died 15 Jun 18(75 or 85)
  age 65 (or 85 !)

 However, this may be the resting place of David Dustin (Dostie), who
married Marguerite Bariault on 7 Nov 1826 at St.Joseph, Beauce, PQ. This family settled in Waterville in 1835 and left many descendants. They appear in every census from 1840 to 1880, but are not in the 1890 census. By extrapolating his year of birth from these census records, David was born (probably in St.Joseph) in 1802, 1802, 1803, and 1800 for the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records respectively.

On June 26, 1995 during the first day of restoration work at the cemetery that year, one of the workers found an old bottle just under the ground while raking near the gravesite of Eddie Murray. The bottle was a “C. Berry & Co., Boston,” with a ceramic flip-top cap dated FEB 1899 and attached by a metal clip (rusted) with a partially deteriorated note inside written in pencil on 3 lines: “Joe Henry ______”  age 11 w_____” died on ____”  but was unable to identify this child from the current listing. Evidently, these people were so poor that they could not even afford a wooden gravemarker for their child.

Also buried at this cemetery are Vital Ware (ROY) and his wife, Flavie “Florence” Gagné according to their grand-daughter. Vital died 30 Oct 1908 and Flavie died Dec 1904. Their gravesite is marked only by a metal cross (possibly in quadrant B).