Halde Cemetery Page – Part IV: Index & Map

When someone online asked about Halde Cemetery in Waterville, Kennebec, Maine, my interest was piqued. I had never heard of said cemetery and couldn’t readily find much about it. I started digging and found a defunct website regarding the cemetery. The last updates to the site seem to be dated in 1997. The site can currently only be accessed using archive.org’s WayBackMachine — this means that it is only a matter of time before it is inaccessible. I have been working to retrieve as much information as possible from the site.

The below information I took directly from the image capture from the site’s index and map page. All information within this page is the direct work of Robert Chenard and those who have worked tirelessly to preserve the Halde Cemetery. TMR, 23 Nov 2021

When someone online asked about Halde Cemetery in Waterville, Kennebec, Maine, my interest was piqued. I had never heard of said cemetery and couldn’t readily find much about it. I started digging and found a defunct website regarding the cemetery. The last updates to the site seem to be dated in 1997. The site can currently only be accessed using archive.org’s WayBackMachine — this means that it is only a matter of time before it is inaccessible. I have been working to retrieve as much information as possible from the site.

As things get copied and worked into a usable format, I will gladly share the links to the pages here. I do this so that information that others have spent countless hours collecting is not lost.

Halde Cemetery Page – Introduction

Halde Cemetery Page – Part I: The Gravestone Record

Halde Cemetery Page – Part II: The Genealogical Record

Halde Cemetery Page – Part III: Church and Burial Records

Halde Cemetery Page – Part IV: Index & Map

Father Doyon Memorial Cemetery
Waterville, Kennebec county, Maine


This list gives a cross-reference between the numbers given in Parts I & II and the numbers given in Donald Lemieux’s listing and map of the cemetery.
Lemieux’s map is divided into quadrants (4 grids), starting with quadrant A in the upper left-hand corner, then goes clockwise to quadrants B, C, and D. The obelisk at the center of the cemetery is at the intersection of the two dotted lines. The same format was used for the
new map (see at bottom of this page).



 ALLEN, Helena 1 C21
 BABIN, Marie (RICHARD) 77 C23
 BASHIER, Alfred 2 D21
 BASHIER, Charles 2 D20
 BAUGUE, John 3 A12
 BEGIN, Alfred, Alphonse, & Leaser 4 D19
 BEGIN, Onézime 4 D18
 BEGIN, Dometille 6 B9
 BEGIN, Lucy 6 B7
 BEGIN, Marie 81 D22
 BEGIN, Marietta 6 B10
 BEGIN, Virginie 6 B8
 BOLDUC, David 7 B31
 BOLDUC, Remi 8 D51
 BOUCHER, M.-Allarie-G. (Allarie) 15a D52
 BOULETTE, Augustin & Nef 9 D50
 BRETON, Philomène 10 D5
 BROOKS, Mamie 11 A9
 BROOKS, Willie-A. 13 A11
 BROOKS, Mary-L. 12 A36
 BURGESS, Mark & Marie 14 B22
 BUSHEY, John 15 B23
 BUSHEY, Mary-G. 15a D52
 BUTLER, Julia-A. 17a B19
 BUTLER, Mary, Emma, Anora, etc. 16 B17
 BUTLER, Peter 17a B18
 BUTLER, Peter, Lena, Grace, Edw. 17 D26
 CA____, Charles, Lucy, & Filo 17b B39
 CAREY 17c B42
 CHAMPAGNE, Godfrey & Julia 19 D41
 CHAVENEL, Natalie 20 ___
 CLAIR, Mary 22 C3
 CLAIR, Minnie 21 A20
 CLAIR, Octave 22 C2
 CLAIR, Tom 23 C8
 COGAN, Stella 27 A14
 CONROY, Nellie 28 B3
 CONROY, Willie 24 B5
 CORMIER, Thomas 25 D13
 CORMIER, Eddie-G. & Vital 25a A35 (added)
 CORRIGAN, James 26 B4
 DEGNAN, Ann 28 A5
 DEGNAN, Annie 28 A4
 DEGNAN, John 28 A2
 DEGNAN, Nellie 28 A1
 DEGNAN, Margaret & Julia-M. 29 A3
 DONNELLY, Patrick 30 B11
 DONNELLY, Timothy 31 B12
 DOSTIE, Anna 31a D15
 DOSTIE, Euphémie/Fannie “Esther” 59 A31
 DOW, Susie  (JENNIS) 32 D8
 DROUIN, Marie 32a A39 (added)
 DUBAR, Henry-A. 32b A38
 DUGUAY, Louise 33 B15
 DULAC, Pierre & Marie Roy 33a D55
 DULAC, Remie 34 D47 (added)
 DULAC, Marcelean 34a D48 (added)
 DUSTIN, Mitchell 35 B26
 DUSTIN, Mitchell-Bernard 25a B27
 DUTIL, Albert & Lucie LEBEL 35b A42 (added)
 DYER, Louis 36 D23 CIV. WAR
 FERLAND, Henry 37 B13 WWI
 FERLAND, Joseph 37a D49 (added)
 FORTIER, Levi 38 D31 CIV. WAR
 FOSTER, Arthur, Alice, Charles, etc. 39 D11
 FOSTER, Joseph 40b A27
 FOSTER, Sadie 40 B14
 FOSTER, W. A. 40a ___
 GAGNE, Grégoire 61b A41 (added)
 GAUDREAU, Philomène 40c D58
 GEROUX, Sophia (Mrs. François) 41 B40
 GILBERT, Celia 42 B16
 GILBERT, Charles 43 D24
 GILBERT, Josie 44 D3
 GILBERT, Lester 44 D4
 GILBERT, Sophie 45 D25
 GILBERT, Joseph 45a D57 (added)
 GIROUX, Amanda 46 C16
 GIROUX, Jean 46 C14
 GIROUX, Marie 46 C17
 GIROUX, Orelie (VEILLEUX) 46 C15
 GOODMAN, George 47 A28
 GRONDIN, Adeline 47b A16
 GRONDIN, Marie 47c B43 (added)
 GRODER, Joseph (GRONDIN) 47a D56 (added)
 GURNEY, Emma 48 wooden cross
 HALACY, William 49 A15
 KEEN, Frank, Rebecca 50 A8
 KELLEHAR, Katie 51 B2
 KING, Elizabeth 52 D40
 LACHANCE, Louis (“James Lewis”) 58 D54
 LACHANCE, Marcelline (VEILLEUX) 54 D12
 LACOMBE, George 52a B36
 LACOMBE, Ledgie (Adélaïde) 52b B37
 LACOMBE, Charles-W. 52c B38
 LAMORRE, May 53 D9
 LANDRY, Annie 55 B21
 LATULIPPE, J.C. Napoleon 56 ___
 LEBREUX, Adeline 56a B29
 LESSARD, Philibert 57a A37
 LEWIS, James (Louis LACHANCE) 58 D54
 LISHON, Mrs. Rose (LACHANCE) 58b C25
 LONG, Mitchel 58a C1
 LOUBIER 58c D17
 MAHEUX, Georgianna 58d D39
 MARCIA, Esther (Euphémie Dostie) 59 A31
 MARCIA, Lewis (Louis Mercier) 59 A32
 MARCOUX, Julia 19 D41
 MARSHALL, Richard 59a B32 (added)
 MARSHALL, Rosalina 59b B33 (added)
 MARSHALL, Mary-A. 59c B34 (added)
 MASSERY, Thelma-May 59d ___
 MATHIEU, George 60 B6
 McQUADE, Mary-Ellen 61 D46
 MONTAMBEAULT, Rosanna 61a A40 (added)
 MORRISSETTE, George 62 C12
 MURRAY, Eddie 63 C7
 NADEAU, Philomene 64 A__
 NORMAND, Joseph 64a C18
 OBLENIS, Emma-M. 65 D10
 O’NEIL, Owen 66 D44
 OUELLETTE, Thadé(e) 66a C27 (added)
 PIPER, Pauline (POOLER) 67 A13
 POOLER, John 68 B20
 POOLER, Evelina 68a B28
 POULIN 68b D1
 PROULX, Frs.-X. (no gravestones) 68c area between D7 & D9
 RANCO, Joseph-E. & Mary-A. 69 D30
 RANCO, Mary-E. (VACHON) 69a D29
 RANCOUR, Henry 70 D7
 RONCO, James 83 D6
 RANCOURT, Peter & Pheobe 72 D28
 RANCOURT, Sylvain & Emely 73 D16
 RANCOURT, Silvin 76 D14
 RASBERRY, Angeline 74 C4
 RASBERRY, Freda 74 C6
 RAZOR, Charlie 75 A25
 RAZOR, Hattie 75 A24
 RAZOR, Joseph 75 A22
 RAZOR, Lucy 75 A23
 RICHARD, Mrs. Marie (BABIN) 77 C23
 RICHARDS, Celina 78 A30
 RICHARDS, Joseph 79 A26 CIV. WAR
 RICHARDS, Tiley 78 A29
 ROBICHAUD, Evelina 80 D34
 ROBICHAUD, Josephine 80 D33
 ROBICHAUD, Jules 80 D32
 ROBICHAUD, Louisa 80 D35
 ROBICHAUD, Anita 80a D53
 RODRIGUE, Edmund 81 D22
 RODRIGUE, Marie (BÉGIN) 81 D22
 ROGERS, William 82 D43 CIV. WAR
 ROY, Alexandre 84a C10
 ROY, M.-Malvina 84 B25
 ROY, Joseph 58e D38
 ROY, Napoleon 84 B24
 ROY, Nellie 84b C9
 RYAN, Philip 85 A18
 SIROIS, Alfred supplement  B44
 ST.PETER, Florence 86 A33
 STEEVES, Myreta 86a B41
 SWEENEY, Charlie 87 D45
 TETRAULT, Nellie 88 C5
 THIBODEAU, David 89 C20 WWI
 THIBODEAU, James (Rémi) 89a (wooden cross &) C24
 THORNELL, Peter 89b B35
 TOBEY, Esther 90 C22
 TOULOUSE, Prescott 90a C27 (added)
 TRAPAGNIE, Philiman 91 C19
 TULLY, Bridget 92 D2
 TURMELL, Henry & Olive 92a D42
 TURPIN, William 93 D27
 VACHON, Mary-E. 69a D29
 VEILLEUX, Celina 94b C13
 VEILLEUX, Frederic 94 A6
 VEILLEUX, Henri 94 A7
 VEILLEUX, Marcelline 54 D12
 VEILLEUX, Omer 94a A21
 VEILLEUX, Orelie (Aurélie) 46 C15
 VIGUE, Elmer 95 A19
 WILLETT, Claudia ? 96 A34
 WILLETT, Thomas 95a A10
 _____, John 98 D36
 _____, Marie-Anne 99 D37

(by map location)



A1 DEGNAN, Nellie 28
A2 DEGNAN, John 28
A3 DEGNAN, Margaret & Julia-M. 29
A4 DEGNAN, Annie 28
A5 DEGNAN, Ann 28
A6 VEILLEUX, Frederic 94
A7 VEILLEUX, Henri 94
A8 KEEN, Frank, Rebecca 50
A9 BROOKS, Mamie 11
A10 WILLETT, Thomas 95a
A11 BROOKS, Willie-A. 13 footstone: WAB
A12 BAUGUE, John 3
A13 PIPER, Pauline (POOLER) 67 footstone: PP
A14 COGAN, Stella 27
A15 HALACY, William 49
A16 GRONDIN, Adeline 47b
A17 LEISAW, Eli 57 footstone: EL
A18 RYAN, Philip 85
A19 VIGUE, Elmer 95
A20 CLAIR, Minnie 21
A21 VEILLEUX, Omer 94a
A22 RAZOR, Joseph 75
A23 RAZOR, Lucy 75
A24 RAZOR, Hattie 75
A25 RAZOR, Charlie 75
A27 FOSTER, Joseph 40b
A28 GOODMAN, George  47
A29 RICHARDS, Tiley 78
A30 RICHARDS, Celina 78
A31 MARCIA, Esther 59
A32 MARCIA, Lewis 59
A33 ST.PETER, Florence 86
A34 WILLETT, Claudia 96
A35 CORMIER, Vital-L. & Eddie-G. 25a
A36 BROOKS, Mary-L. 12
A__ NADEAU, Philomene 64                        footstone: PN (near A17)
A37 LESSARD, Philibert 57a
A38 DUBORD, Henri 32a
A39 DROUIN, Marie 31a
A40 MONTAMBEAULT, Rosanna 61a footstone: RM
A41 GAGNÉ, Grégoire 61b footstone: GG
A42 DUTIL, Albert J. & Léonie LEBEL 35b base inscribed “DUTIL”




B2 KELLEHAR, Katie 51
B3 CONROY, Nellie 28
B4 CORRIGAN, James 26
B5 CONROY, Willie 24
B6 MATHIEU, George 60
B7 BEGIN, Lucy 6
B8 BEGIN, Virginie 6
B9 BEGIN, Dometille 6 footstone: DSB
B10 BEGIN, Marietta 6 footstone: MB
B11 DONNELLY, Patrick 30
B12 DONNELLY, Timothy 31
B14 FOSTER, Sadie 40
B15 DUGUAY, Louise 33
B16 GILBERT, Celia 42
B17 BUTLER, Mary, Emma, Anora, etc. 16
B18 BUTLER, Peter 17a
B19 BUTLER, Julia-A. 17a
B20 POOLER, John-F. 68
B21 LANDRY, Annie 55
B22 BURGESS, Mark & Marie 14
B23 BUSHEY, John 15
B24 ROY, Napoleon 84
B25 ROY, M.-Malvina 84
B26 DUSTIN, Mitchell-Bernard 25a
B27 DUSTIN, Mitchell 35
B28 POOLER, Evelina 68a
B29 LEBREUX, Adeline 56a
B30 deleted
B31 BOLDUC, David 7 footstone DB
B32 MARSHALL, Richard 59a footstone RM
B33 MARSHALL, Rosalina 59b
B34 MARSHALL, Mary-A. 59c
B35 THORNELL, Peter 89b
B36 LACOMBE, George 52a footstone GL
B37 LACOMBE, Ledgie 52b
B38 LACOMBE, Charles-W. 52c
B39 CA____, Charles, Lucy, & Filo 17b
B40 GIROUX, Sophia 41
B41 STEEVES, Myreta 86a
B42 CAREY 17c
B43 GRONDIN, Marie 47c
B44 SIROIS, Alfred supplement




C1 LONG, Mitchel 58a
C2 CLAIR, Octave 22
C3 CLAIR, Mary 22
C4 RASBERRY, Angeline 74
C5 TETRAULT, Nellie 88
C6 RASBERRY, Freda 74
C7 MURRAY, Eddie 63
C8 CLAIR, Tom 23
C9 ROY, Nellie 84b
C10 ROY, Alexandre 84a
C11 MORRISSETTE, Mary 62 base-type of marker
C12 MORRISSETTE, George 62 base-type of marker
C13 VEILLEUX, Celina 94b
C14 GIROUX, Jean 46
C15 GIROUX, Orelie (VEILLEUX) 46
C16 GIROUX, Amanda 46
C17 GIROUX, Marie 46
C18 NORMAND, Joseph 64a footstone: JN
C19 TRAPAGNIE, Philiman 91
C21 ALLEN, Helena 1
C22 TOBEY, Esther 90
C23 BABIN, Marie (RICHARD) 77
C24 THIBODEAU, James (Rémi) 89a (and wooden cross)
C25 LISHON, Rose 58b
C27 OUELLETTE, Thadé(e) 66a
C28 TOULOUSE, Prescott 90a




D2 TULLY, Bridget 92
D3 GILBERT, Josie 44
D4 GILBERT, Lester 44
D5 BRETON, Philomène 10
D6 RONCO, James 83
D7 RANCOUR, Henry 70
D8 DOW, Susie  (JENNIS) 32
D9 LAMORRE, May-B. 53
D10 O’BLENIS, Emma-M. 65
D11 FOSTER, Arthur, Alice, Charles, etc. 39
D12 LACHANCE, Marcelline (VEILLEUX) 54
D13 CORMIER, Thomas 25
D14 RANCOURT, Silvin 76
D16 RANCOURT, Sylvain & Emely 73
D18 BEGIN, Onezime 4
D19 BEGIN, Alfred, Alphonse, & Leaser 4
D20 BASHIER, Charles 2
D21 BASHIER, Alfred 2
D22 RODRIGUE, Marie (BÉGIN) 81
D22 RODRIGUE, Edmund 81
D24 GILBERT, Charles 43
D25 GILBERT, Sophie 45
D26 BUTLER, Peter, Lena, Grace, Edw. 17
D27 TURPIN, William 93
D28 RANCOURT, Peter & Pheobe 72
D29 RANCO, Mary-E. (VACHON) 69a
D30 RANCO, Joseph-E. & Mary-A. 69
D32 ROBICHAUD, Jules 80
D33 ROBICHAUD, Josephine 80
D34 ROBICHAUD, Evelina 80
D35 ROBICHAUD, Louisa 80
D36 _____, John 98
D37 _____, Marie-Anne 99
D38 _____, Joseph 58e
D39 MAHEUX, Georgianna 58d
D40 KING, Elizabeth-L. 52
D41 CHAMPAGNE, Godfrey & Julia 19
D42 TURMELL, Henry & Olive 92a footstone: HT  OT
        ”              ”            ”  new gravestone added in 1994
D44 O’NEIL, Owen 66
D45 SWEENEY, Charlie 87
D46 McQUADE, Mary-Ellen 61
D47 DULAC, Remie 34 footstone: RD nearby (added)
D48 DULAC, Marcelean 34a footstone: MD  (added)
D49 FERLAND, Joseph 37a footstone: JF (added)
D50 BOULETTE, Augustin & Nef 9
D51 BOLDUC, Rémi 8
D52 BUSHEY, Mary-G. 15a footstone: MGB
D53 ROBICHAUD, Anita 80a
D54 LEWIS, James (Louis LACHANCE) 58
D55 DULAC, Pierre & Marie Roy 33a new gravestone added in 1994
D56 GRODER, Joseph (GRONDIN) 47a
D57 GILBERT, Joseph 45a
D58 GAUDREAU, Philomène 40c new gravestone added in 1995

Unmatched footstones: HD, and WD in quadrant A; GC, and MLF in quadrant B; AFS and JG in quadrant D was moved by someone. Footstone HD located near Marcelean DULAC’s grave.


NOTE 1 Family lot (boundary) markers and footstones

Because of the problems caused by many of the small metal posts during the restoration project and the difficulty they would pose in mowing the grass now and in the future, nearly all these metal posts were removed and placed in a pile in quadrant B with the other pipes (from the old pipe fences) that were previously removed from some lots. Also, most of the numerous small footstones were placed alongside their associated headstones rather than where they were originally located (at the feet of the buried person). It was felt that this would better preserve these markers since they would remain properly associated with the correct headstone, would be less vulnerable to damage during grass mowing, and would be less likely to be toppled over and eventually end up getting buried and lost again. In 1996 and 1997, each footstone was cemented to the base on the rear of their parent headstone and then the space between the footstone and its headstone was sealed with silicone sealant to exclude moisture/rain/snow which could crack the footstone if any trapped moisture would freeze.

NOTE 2 MAP or cemetery plan/layout

Keep in mind that the positions of various gravestones and other objects identified on the map are only relative or approximate locations. Nothing on the map is to scale. It is simply an aid in locating one object relative to another. *****************************


Found on July 30, 1996 in back of area/quadrant B not far from the new entrance gate while landscaping was the small gravestone of Alfred Sirois born 27 Apr 1879 in Waterville according to St. Francis de Sales baptismal records and died on 28 July 1880. He was the son of Alfred Sirois and Emma Tétrault who were married 20 May 1878 in Waterville. The inscription on gravestone reads as follows: “Içi repose le corps d’Alfred Sirois agé de 15 mois et 1 jour décédé le 28 juillet 1880.” Names of parents were omitted. This marble gravemarker was found broken in half and also broken away from its granite base.

While clearing and leveling the back of area B where no persons were thought to be buried, the edge of a cluster of three casket boxes (mostly deteriorated) was discovered while digging a circular 25 foot by 10 foot deep hole for the purpose of burying the tree stumps. This indicates that there are many more persons buried in this cemetery than was previously believed. It can thus be safely assumed that all except the very lowest parts of the cemetery were used for burials and that any markers are either buried or totally deteriorated (in the case of wooden ones). Based on these latest discoveries, it is believed that there were more than 1,000 persons who were intered in this old graveyard during its 70 years of use.

According to one family, Philomène Trépanier (#91) is actually Philomène Dubé (aka Duby)
who was married a second time to a Trépanier.

According to an elderly couple visiting this cemetery from Roxbury, Mass., her grandmother’s first husband was Pierre Giroux and they believe he is buried in this cemetery. No gravestone has been found to verify this but they are adamant about it. Her grandmother married a Nadeau after Pierre’s death around 1936. This Pierre is possibly:
 Pierre Giroux who married M.-Delvina Rancourt on 25 Jun 1883 at St.Georges, PQ

According to Rossiter Marcoux (age 87 in 1996) of Massachusetts, son of Philibert Marcoux, his grandmother, Zoé Daigle (wife of Chrysostôme Pépin dit Marcoux) is buried in this cemetery from what he remembers as a child. No gravemarker nor record of her burial has been found.

According to Robert Chenard, two of his great uncles who died as small children must also be buried here:
 J. Mathias Giroux b. 29 Dec 1889 St.Georges, PQ – d. 10 Dec 1894 Waterville
 Louis I. Albert Giroux b. 8 Apr 1892 St.Georges, PQ – d. 6 Dec 1894 Waterville
 Both children died of diptheria. Their family had moved to Waterville that year.
 No gravestones were found to identify exactly where they were buried.



  Maine State Library, Augusta, Maine
  Waterville Public Library, Waterville, Maine
  Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield, Maine
  Mr. Maynard Clair, Clinton, Maine
  Mr. David C. Donahue, Fairfield, Maine
  Mr. Arthur Grenier, Waterville, Maine
  Mr. John F. Pouliot, Fairfield, Maine
  Ms. Barbara J. Bailey, Fairfield, Maine
  Mr. Percy Smith, Waterville, Maine
  Ms. Jean Ann Rancourt, Oakland, Maine
  Mr. Robert Turmelle, Waterville, Maine
  Mr. Clyde Berry, Maine Old Cemetery Association (MOCA)
  Mr. Joseph Paquette, Belgrade, Maine